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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Grand-Lebrun by Francois Mauriac.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what time did the students receive snacks at Grand-Lebrun?
(a) 2:30.
(b) 4:30.
(c) 6:30.
(d) 10:30.

2. Who spoke at the graduation in "Grand-Lebrun"?
(a) Jean Giraudoux.
(b) Sartre.
(c) Plato.
(d) Socrates.

3. Who surrounded Mauriac during his childhood, like angels surrounded Jesus in the desert?
(a) Angels.
(b) Demons.
(c) Monsters.
(d) Poets.

4. What does Jean Bridelle compare the nursery in Luxembourg to?
(a) The sweet smile of an old lady.
(b) The unscavenged North Sentinel Island.
(c) The purring of a lion.
(d) The lush rainforests of the Amazon.

5. What does Julian's wife convince him to do?
(a) Have a son.
(b) Hunt.
(c) Find his parents.
(d) Kill her father, the Emperor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would Mauriac say in front of a mirror?

2. What does Jean Bridelle compare the borders of small trees to?

3. What is the Emperor's name who Julian frees from the Muslims?

4. Who tells Julian's father of the prophecy of his son?

5. Who spoke the following quote about Mauriac: "God is not an artist, and neither is M. Mauriac"?

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