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Sirius appears in Micromegas - This is the Micromegas' home planet, where everything is much larger and more complex than on Earth.

Saint-Sulpice appears in The Mass of the Atheist - This is the church that Desplein secretly attends.

The Poor Boy's Toy appears in The Spleen of Paris--The Poor Boy's Toy - This object is a live rat in a box.

The Minuet appears in The Minuet - This is performed by two characters in a garden; it greatly disturbs the narrator and represents France's royal history.

Judas' Tree appears in The Death of Judas - This object represents a highly subjective, ambiguous worldview in which all beliefs are equally valid.

Christ's Cross appears in The Death of Judas - This object is composed of two perpendicular beams and represents a worldview that acknowledges right and wrong in black-and-white terms.

The Father's House appears in The...

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