French Stories Character Descriptions

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The Prodigal Son appears in The Return of the Prodigal Son

The child of a very wealthy man, this character runs away from home hoping to find pleasures in foreign lands, winds up poor and miserable, and returns home.

Judas appears in The Death of Judas

This character is one of Christ's Apostles whom Claudel gives a voice in The Death of Judas. This character is exceptionally proud but exceptionally practical, and believes that he/she is the greatest of all of the Apostles or at least the most refined and sophisticated.

Micromegas appears in Micromegas

This character is a 120,000-foot tall giant from the planet Sirius.

Desplein appears in The Mass of the Atheist

A renowned surgeon and professed atheist, this character seems to waver on the question of disbelief and regularly attends Mass for the repose of a dead friend's soul.

Julian appears in The Legend of Saint Julian Hospitaler

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