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Micromegas by Voltaire

• In "Micromegas," Micromegas is banished from his home planet for 800 years for writing a book that the leaders of his country found heretical.
• Micromegas wanders the universe and comes to Saturn.

• On Saturn, he meets a Saturnian that he befriends and asks to come along on his journey with him.
• Micromegas and the Saturnian come upon Earth.

• They discover life on Earth and question Earth's inhabitants about the existence of a soul.

• Micromegas and the Saturnian find the earthlings inferior.

• Micromegas gives the earthlings a book to explain all questions.

• The book is blank.

The Mass of the Atheist by Honore de Balzac

• In "The Mass of the Atheist," a famous surgeon named Desplein is introduced.
• Desplein takes on an assistant, Horace Bianchon.

• Horace witnesses Desplein leave patients to care for a poor water carrier.

• Horace witnesses Desplein enter a church.
• Horace follows Desplein into...

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