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Orlando Patterson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In order to foster productivity, there is also an accompanying increase in what, since this is the only way the society can attain the output it needs to survive?
(a) Efficiency.
(b) Manumission.
(c) Torture.
(d) Inequality.

2. What is an example of a social reform for the abolishment of debt, debt bondage and enslavement for debt?
(a) Solon's seize.
(b) Solomon's seize.
(c) Solomon's seisochtheia.
(d) Solon's seisochtheia.

3. According to Patterson, what are the three components of freedom?
(a) Ruler, kingdom, and peasant.
(b) Individual, unique, and social.
(c) Formal, informal, and community.
(d) Personal, sovereignal, and civic.

4. Greek drama represents what?
(a) A fantasy.
(b) A discourse on values.
(c) A realistic view of women in society.
(d) A time away from real life.

5. What is not entirely correct regarding freedom and slavery?
(a) Defining them purely in terms of legal status.
(b) Defining them purely in terms of personal status.
(c) Defining them purely in terms of social status.
(d) Defining them without terms of legal status.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do these slaves from the mines and those in the urban sector provide for the Athenians?

2. The social value of freedom exists by the end of what century?

3. What parts of the Roman economy are slave-based?

4. What dictates mortal life?

5. What happens to the wretched who convert?

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