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Orlando Patterson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what is freedom equated?
(a) Solitude and self-sufficiency.
(b) Dependency and self-sufficiency.
(c) Indepence and solitude.
(d) Independence and self-sufficiency.

2. The occupation makes the Greeks think about what issues?
(a) Understanding and compromise.
(b) Slavery and freedoms of various kinds.
(c) Love and compassion.
(d) Equality and justice.

3. Where are the greatest conversion rates?
(a) Among the Hellenic thinkers.
(b) In upper class societies.
(c) In middle class societies.
(d) In regions where slavery predominates.

4. With _____________ freedom, the individual is not dominated by another human.
(a) Sovereignal.
(b) Social.
(c) Formal.
(d) Personal.

5. What is an outgrowth of Socratic thought in which there is complete personal freedom, both inner and outer?
(a) The Socratic method.
(b) Stoicism.
(c) Epicureanism
(d) Cynicism

Short Answer Questions

1. In what revolution does a large slave population exist to serve the aristocracy and non-farm population?

2. Who does the slave in this culture have?

3. Each of the three is concerned with what issue?

4. To what can the development of freedom as a social value be traced?

5. To what does this lead?

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