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Orlando Patterson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the three elements of freedom called?
(a) The Chordal triad.
(b) The Choral trio.
(c) The Corpus triad.
(d) The Cord thrice.

2. On what is Athens now completely dependent?
(a) Grain imports.
(b) Food made from grain.
(c) Grain exports.
(d) Grain-based economies.

3. Among the Tupinamba, why does the slave exist?
(a) For the honor and dignity of the slave master.
(b) For protecting the slave master's family.
(c) To be a family member for the slave master.
(d) To provide an income for the slave master.

4. How does this chapter examine the role of women in the development of the concept of freedom?
(a) Using French operas.
(b) Using German symphonies.
(c) Using Greek tragedy.
(d) Using Roman plays.

5. Who does this economically benefit?
(a) The poor Athenians.
(b) Both rich and poor Athenians.
(c) The middle class Athenians.
(d) The rich Athenians.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which women had more activities outside the home?

2. What groups are excluded from any say in the government of the ruling wealthy?

3. What does the slave want?

4. How are the living conditions of many Athenian women?

5. In this type of freedom, an individual can do what he wants without the constraint of what?

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