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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Parents who send their children to private schools:
(a) none of the above
(b) still pay taxes for public schools
(c) pay not taxes for public schools
(d) pay a lower amount of taxes for public schools

2. Modern labor unions trace their roots back:
(a) Great Britain
(b) ancient Rome
(c) to medical men in ancient Greece
(d) the Egyptians

3. To improve their position, railroads engaged in:
(a) promotions
(b) intensive advertising
(c) rate fixing
(d) good service

4. The purpose of the Consumer Products Safety Commission is to:
(a) to help introduce new products
(b) assist manufacturers in the promotion of products
(c) to help advertise products
(d) protect the consumer from unsafe products

5. In the tobacco economy, inflation occurred when there was:
(a) too much tobacco
(b) no tobacco
(c) they switched to wampum
(d) too little tobacco

6. Most Western nations have experienced:
(a) growth of national government
(b) decrease in the growth of government
(c) laws limited the growth of government
(d) no change in the size of national government

7. The Interstate Commerce Commission was formed to regulate:
(a) air traffic
(b) railroads
(c) trade between states
(d) trucking

8. The Department of Energy was formed in response to the:
(a) to produce oil
(b) series of energy crises in the 1970s
(c) the need for oil
(d) formation of OPEC

9. Private education prevailed until the:
(a) 1930s
(b) 1920s
(c) 1950s
(d) 1940s

10. In Great Britain:
(a) workers represent themselves
(b) most labor unions represent workers of nationalized industry
(c) labor unions are weak
(d) there are no labor unions

11. Printing new money to increase the quantity of money is:
(a) good economic policy
(b) the only way most governments can survive
(c) good for stability
(d) highly inflationary

12. Union high wages are usually at the expense of:
(a) all workers
(b) no one
(c) other union members
(d) other workers

13. Special interest groups result in:
(a) higher costs
(b) common support for good causes
(c) a reduction in costs
(d) better legislation for everyone

14. What problems have there been with unions?
(a) fraud
(b) not enough members
(c) salaries lag the non-union sector
(d) misuse and misappropriation of funds

15. Which of the following is a method of government enforcing higher wages?
(a) market wages
(b) none of the above
(c) minimum wage laws
(d) secret deals

Short Answer Questions

1. All but the following have resulted from centralization in schooling:

2. Attendance at school became mandatory in all states in:

3. What do higher union wages cause?

4. The trucking industry was brought under ICC jurisdiction in:

5. Which kind of worker has no protection?

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