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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Steps to limit the growth of government and spending have included all but:
(a) nothing
(b) the formation of organizations to support limited spending
(c) a call for a convention to formulate a balanced budget amendment
(d) proposed constitutional amendment to limit spending

2. As a result of inflation:
(a) one dollar buys more goods and services
(b) consumers buy more goods and services
(c) consumers feel richer
(d) one dollar buys fewer goods and services

3. Parents who send their children to private schools:
(a) pay a lower amount of taxes for public schools
(b) still pay taxes for public schools
(c) pay not taxes for public schools
(d) none of the above

4. Objections to the school voucher plan include all but the following:
(a) there might be a constitutional church-state issue
(b) it would decrease the quality of education
(c) there would be an increase in total costs of education
(d) there is the possibility of fraud

5. Government spending can be financed by all but:
(a) decreasing the money supply
(b) increasing the money supply
(c) borrowing
(d) taxes

6. The Department of Energy was formed in response to the:
(a) to produce oil
(b) the need for oil
(c) series of energy crises in the 1970s
(d) formation of OPEC

7. The school voucher program would give the parents:
(a) a voucher to be used at any school
(b) cash
(c) a tax bill
(d) a tax break

8. What do higher union wages cause?
(a) more jobs
(b) no change in prices
(c) lower prices
(d) higher prices

9. One way of restricting entry to an occupation or profession is through:
(a) agreement
(b) rules
(c) licensure
(d) laws

10. Which of the following laws is not specifically aimed at protection of workers?
(a) workmen's compensation
(b) minimum wage legislation
(c) Medicaid
(d) length of workweek

11. Before the formation of the ICC, the railroad industry experienced all but the following:
(a) low passenger rates
(b) stability
(c) low freight rates
(d) bakruptcies

12. Most of the ICC staff came from the:
(a) stock market
(b) railroad industry
(c) were laymen
(d) legislature

13. Regarding public and private colleges and universities, the number of students who complete the undergraduate degrees is:
(a) higher at private institutions
(b) only slightly higher at pubhlic institutions
(c) the same at public and private institutions
(d) higher at public institutions

14. The Environmental Protection Agency was formed in:
(a) 1970
(b) 1966
(c) 1972
(d) 1975

15. What does Friedman believe would be an effective way of reversing the trend toward bigger government?
(a) limiting budgets
(b) adoption of an economic Bill of Rights
(c) eliminating special interest groups
(d) new legislation

Short Answer Questions

1. In the tobacco economy, inflation occurred when there was:

2. Which kind of worker has no protection?

3. What did Pat Brennan and her husband do in Rochester, New York?

4. Which of the following is considered a form of government assistance to construction workers?

5. The purpose of the Consumer Products Safety Commission is to:

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