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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The amount of time from the increase in the quantity of money and the rise in prices is about:
(a) eighteen months
(b) one year
(c) six months
(d) immediate

2. Friedman suggests constitutional amendments to limit government in all but the following areas:
(a) qualificaiton of bureaucrats
(b) occupational licensure
(c) international trade
(d) wage and price controls

3. Printing new money to increase the quantity of money is:
(a) good for stability
(b) good economic policy
(c) the only way most governments can survive
(d) highly inflationary

4. Who has the greatest amount of choice in the selection of schooling?
(a) all have equal choice
(b) the indigent
(c) the wealthy
(d) the middle income group

5. One way of restricting entry to an occupation or profession is through:
(a) agreement
(b) rules
(c) laws
(d) licensure

6. The airline industry is regulated by:
(a) none of the above
(b) the Civil Aeronautics Board
(c) the Air Force
(d) the Department of Transportation

7. The union does all but the following for its members:
(a) pays for their on-the-job meals
(b) represents them in a grievance hearing
(c) negotiates terms of employment
(d) negotiates wages

8. Before the formation of the ICC, the railroad industry experienced all but the following:
(a) low passenger rates
(b) stability
(c) bakruptcies
(d) low freight rates

9. Which of the following is considered a form of government assistance to construction workers?
(a) Taft-Hartley Act
(b) Davis-Bacon Act
(c) Landrum-Griffin Act
(d) Glass-Stegal Act

10. The Food and Drug Administration performs all of the following functions but:
(a) writing prescriptions
(b) advertising requirements
(c) testing new drugs
(d) labeling requirements

11. According to Friedman what was not a reason for accelerated U.S. monetary growth over a fifteen-year period?
(a) the full employment policy of the government
(b) rapid growth in government spending
(c) the Federal Reserve following the wrong policy
(d) workers demanding raises

12. The Interstate Commerce Commission was formed to regulate:
(a) air traffic
(b) trade between states
(c) trucking
(d) railroads

13. The purpose of the Consumer Products Safety Commission is to:
(a) to help introduce new products
(b) assist manufacturers in the promotion of products
(c) to help advertise products
(d) protect the consumer from unsafe products

14. The purpose of the EPA is to:
(a) protect and enhance the environment
(b) regulate landscaping
(c) promote nicer looking neighborhoods
(d) promote safer working environments

15. In the 1920s, what publications were the leading intellectual journals of opinion?
(a) the New Republic and the Nation
(b) Newsweek
(c) the New York Times
(d) Life Magazine

Short Answer Questions

1. All but the following have resulted from centralization in schooling:

2. Barter:

3. Parents who send their children to private schools:

4. Washington D.C.:

5. The minimum wage causes:

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