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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Friedman suggests constitutional amendments to limit government in all but the following areas:
(a) qualificaiton of bureaucrats
(b) wage and price controls
(c) occupational licensure
(d) international trade

2. The school voucher program would give the parents:
(a) cash
(b) a tax bill
(c) a voucher to be used at any school
(d) a tax break

3. All but the following have resulted from centralization in schooling:
(a) larger scale units
(b) more choice for consumers
(c) less choice for consumers
(d) increased power for administrators

4. The amount of time from the increase in the quantity of money and the rise in prices is about:
(a) immediate
(b) eighteen months
(c) six months
(d) one year

5. Government policies are affected by:
(a) the desire of the press
(b) the intellectual climate
(c) personal desires
(d) money

6. The growth of bureaucracy leads to:
(a) a conflict between desired objectives
(b) greater efficiency
(c) faster resolution of problems
(d) lower costs

7. The Department of Energy was formed in response to the:
(a) series of energy crises in the 1970s
(b) to produce oil
(c) formation of OPEC
(d) the need for oil

8. What problems have there been with unions?
(a) fraud
(b) not enough members
(c) salaries lag the non-union sector
(d) misuse and misappropriation of funds

9. In the 1920s, what publications were the leading intellectual journals of opinion?
(a) Newsweek
(b) Life Magazine
(c) the New York Times
(d) the New Republic and the Nation

10. In Great Britain:
(a) workers represent themselves
(b) there are no labor unions
(c) labor unions are weak
(d) most labor unions represent workers of nationalized industry

11. Which of the following is not a way of rationing high paying jobs:
(a) hiring anyone
(b) featherbedding
(c) corruption
(d) nepotism

12. One way of restricting entry to an occupation or profession is through:
(a) agreement
(b) laws
(c) rules
(d) licensure

13. The purpose of the EPA is to:
(a) promote safer working environments
(b) promote nicer looking neighborhoods
(c) regulate landscaping
(d) protect and enhance the environment

14. According to Friedman what was not a reason for accelerated U.S. monetary growth over a fifteen-year period?
(a) workers demanding raises
(b) the Federal Reserve following the wrong policy
(c) the full employment policy of the government
(d) rapid growth in government spending

15. Wages increasing faster than productivity is:
(a) none of the above
(b) the result of poor equipment
(c) a cause of inflation
(d) a result of inflation

Short Answer Questions

1. Friedman's view is that everyone who wants a higher education:

2. Union high wages are usually at the expense of:

3. Where have labor unions been stronger than they are in the United States?

4. The ideas of human freedom and economic freedom are best exemplified in:

5. Gresham's Law says that:

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