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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The trucking industry was brought under ICC jurisdiction in:
(a) 1943
(b) 1948
(c) 1935
(d) 1952

2. Which of the following laws is not specifically aimed at protection of workers?
(a) Medicaid
(b) minimum wage legislation
(c) length of workweek
(d) workmen's compensation

3. Most of the funding for public education is provided by the:
(a) county
(b) state
(c) federal government
(d) city

4. All but one of the following are the result of the growth of government:
(a) lower costs
(b) higher costs
(c) more paperwork
(d) more special interest groups

5. In Friedman's view, special interests:
(a) promote the general interest
(b) should be eliminated
(c) prevail at the expense of the general interest
(d) are vital to the welfare of the economy

6. Regarding public and private colleges and universities, the number of students who complete the undergraduate degrees is:
(a) only slightly higher at pubhlic institutions
(b) higher at public institutions
(c) higher at private institutions
(d) the same at public and private institutions

7. As a result of inflation, there is:
(a) an increase in prices
(b) more goods and services to buy
(c) no change in prices
(d) decrease in prices

8. Friedman suggests constitutional amendments to limit government in all but the following areas:
(a) qualificaiton of bureaucrats
(b) wage and price controls
(c) occupational licensure
(d) international trade

9. All but the following have resulted from centralization in schooling:
(a) larger scale units
(b) more choice for consumers
(c) less choice for consumers
(d) increased power for administrators

10. Attendance at school became mandatory in all states in:
(a) 1900
(b) 1918
(c) 1923
(d) 1875

11. The Department of Energy was formed in response to the:
(a) the need for oil
(b) formation of OPEC
(c) series of energy crises in the 1970s
(d) to produce oil

12. The regulation of employment practices and safety standards in the workplace is performed by:
(a) Office of Safety and Health Administration
(b) Department of Labor
(c) FEMA
(d) EPA

13. Government spending can be financed by all but:
(a) decreasing the money supply
(b) borrowing
(c) increasing the money supply
(d) taxes

14. The Food and Drug Administration performs all of the following functions but:
(a) advertising requirements
(b) testing new drugs
(c) writing prescriptions
(d) labeling requirements

15. What does Friedman call one of the most successful labor unions in history?
(a) the AMA
(b) autoworkers
(c) carpenters
(d) plumbers

Short Answer Questions

1. The railroads:

2. The Environmental Protection Agency was formed in:

3. New drugs cannot be marketed:

4. Who would benefit the most from an increased quality of schooling from a school voucher program?

5. Steps to limit the growth of government and spending have included all but:

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