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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Created Equal.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Some people support tariffs because they think that tariffs:
(a) create jobs
(b) result in increased efficiency
(c) offer protection for consumer
(d) lower prices

2. The higher price of pencils results in all but the following:
(a) better worker condiciton for pencil prolduction workers
(b) fewer pencils
(c) higher wages for pencil production workers
(d) the firing of more workers to produce pencils

3. The programs of the Roosevelt administration designed to deal with the Depression are called the:
(a) New Deal programs
(b) financial assistance programs
(c) balanced budget programs
(d) laissez-faire programs

4. The Federal Reserve Act was legislated in:
(a) 1929
(b) 1913
(c) 1909
(d) 1908

5. What is the cause of the failure of many welfare programs?
(a) lack of recipients
(b) lack of interest by the public
(c) lack of interest by the government
(d) design and implementation flaws

Short Answer Questions

1. Originally, in the early days of the country, equality meant:

2. A deposit represents:

3. The program that is proposed as a replacement for all welfare programs is the:

4. Adam Smith says that voluntary exchange will not take place unless:

5. A change in prices affects all but the following:

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