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Short Answer Questions

1. Which math technique has Annabel been having trouble with?

2. According to Boris, who did Ben leave with in Chapter 10?

3. Does Ben like being called "Ape Face"?

4. To what character does Annabel compare Ben in Chapter 8?

5. How old is Ben?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are the girls crowded into the Andrews family living room in Chapter 10, and why are they there?

2. How does Mrs. Schmauss feel about Annabel, and why does she feel that way?

3. What changes does Annabel's body go through while Ellen is nside of it?

4. How does Boris feel about having to cook all the time at his house? Elaborate.

5. Who is Annabel's gym coach and what does he say about her athletic abilities?

6. How does Annabel feel about the way adults dress?

7. What reason does Ben give for not wanting to go with Annabel to her 2:30 appointment?

8. What are some of the negative qualities of Mrs. Schmauss?

9. What does Annabel think of Mrs. Betty Parsons and why does she feel that way?

10. Annabel calls two people "chauvinist pigs" in Chapter 8. Who are the people she says this to and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the meeting with Annabel, Miss McGuirk, Mr. Dilk and Dr. Artunian think they are talking to Annabel's mother. In reality, they are talking to Annabel, and their words have an unexpected effect on her. Write an essay that focuses on the negative feelings that their words engender in Annabel and the positive, negative or neutral effect it has on Annabel's character development. Compare and contrast her feelings after the meeting with the feelings she has for school and her teachers at the beginning of"Freaky Friday." Be sure to clearly label the emotions involved. Provide evidence from the novel to support your assertions.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 11, Annabel explains everything that her mother goes through in the past day. Write an essay that discusses the following:

Part 1: How does Annabel's mother spends her day as Annabel? What are Ellen's motives? Why does she not let Annabel in on the secret earlier?

Part 2: What are the revelations that her mother makes to her? What changes does Ellen initiate for Annabel? How does Annabel react to the revelations and changes?

Part 3: Was Ellen right to make the choices she did? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay that discusses how successfully Annabel plays the "mother role" in the novel. What is Annabel's conduct and interaction with family members appropriate to her new role? Do they seem to notice a change in her? If they do, does this matter? Answer these questions and then explain what this contributes to the novel. Does it reveal character, theme, or something else? Why?

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