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Short Answer Questions

1. When he first wakes up, what item does Annabel's father want?

2. How much money does Annabel's mother spend buying vacuum cleaner bags?

3. Why is Boris talking funny when he and Annabel have their conversation in Chapter 5?

4. What holiday does the woman on the phone ask about at the end of Chapter 5?

5. What item of clothing does the person in Annabel's body complain about not being able to find?

Short Essay Questions

1. List three of the four people Annabel thinks her mother might have switched bodies with.

2. At what time does Annabel's grandmother like Ellen to call and why?

3. List three of the four items Annabel's mother spent Bill's money on.

4. What does Annabel think about after she kisses Ben as he leaves for school?

5. What three items does Annabel make Bill for breakfast, and how are they cooked and served?

6. What do Annabel's body and Ben argue about at the end of Chapter 3? How does Ben react to her accusations?

7. What is unusual about Annabel's attitude when it comes to her parents? How does she normally act on a day-to-day basis?

8. List the types and quantities of alcohol that Bill wants Annabel to get from the store.

9. How does Annabel feel about her father and how does the reader know that?

10. What does Annabel's mother look like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It is a surprise for Annabel to learn that Ben has never liked Mrs. Schmauss because the housekeeper is partial to him while she exhibits apparent dislike of Annabel. Write an essay to explore the theme of sibling rivalry between Annabel and Ben. Be sure to include how Annabel feels about Ben at the beginning of the novel, how Annabel thinks Ben feels about her, and how Ben really feels about Annabel. How does she become aware of this? Does the concept of irony apply? Use examples from the novel to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

The end of Chapter 4 revolves around Annabel and Bill's continued conversation about money, Annabel, his shirts, and his departure for work. Write an essay that analyzes the father, daughter and mother relationship.

Part 1. Provide an analysis of the camp situation. Why do the characters involved respond in the ways they do and what does that contribute to the story?

Part 2. Provide an analysis of the discussion of Mrs. Schmauss and his shirts. Why do the characters respond in the ways that they do and what does that contribute to the story? Include specific examples to make your points.

Essay Topic 3

At the meeting with Annabel, Miss McGuirk, Mr. Dilk and Dr. Artunian think they are talking to Annabel's mother. In reality, they are talking to Annabel, and their words have an unexpected effect on her. Write an essay that focuses on the negative feelings that their words engender in Annabel and the positive, negative or neutral effect it has on Annabel's character development. Compare and contrast her feelings after the meeting with the feelings she has for school and her teachers at the beginning of"Freaky Friday." Be sure to clearly label the emotions involved. Provide evidence from the novel to support your assertions.

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