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Short Answer Questions

1. How many years ago did Annabel accidentally cut Boris while playing at the playground?

2. What item of clothing does the person in Annabel's body complain about not being able to find?

3. What does Bill do for a living?

4. How much taller is Boris than Annabel?

5. What color eyes does Annabel have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Annabel feel so insecure about her looks when compared with her mother?

2. Why is Annabel not all that surprised that she awakens in her mother's body?

3. Describe how Annabel tricks her mother into agreeing to let her go to camp.

4. What three items does Annabel make Bill for breakfast, and how are they cooked and served?

5. Describe Annabel's mother, and what makes her different than the mothers of the students in Annabel's class?

6. List the types and quantities of alcohol that Bill wants Annabel to get from the store.

7. Describe in detail the lie Annabel's body gives Annabel about her English composition.

8. Describe three things that Annabel thinks make her mother too strict.

9. What does Annabel think about after she kisses Ben as he leaves for school?

10. What do Annabel's body and Ben argue about at the end of Chapter 3? How does Ben react to her accusations?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The end of Chapter 4 revolves around Annabel and Bill's continued conversation about money, Annabel, his shirts, and his departure for work. Write an essay that analyzes the father, daughter and mother relationship.

Part 1. Provide an analysis of the camp situation. Why do the characters involved respond in the ways they do and what does that contribute to the story?

Part 2. Provide an analysis of the discussion of Mrs. Schmauss and his shirts. Why do the characters respond in the ways that they do and what does that contribute to the story? Include specific examples to make your points.

Essay Topic 2

When Annabel finds herself switched into her mother's body, she gets up early and then decides to awaken her father before the alarm goes off. Write an essay that discusses how these two actions of Annabel's contribute to the novel.

Part 1. Discuss what Annabel is doing before she awakens her father and how it makes her feel, as well as why she awakens her father before the alarm goes off. Be sure to include anything that can be considered unusual about her behavior.

Part 2. Discuss why Annabel's father reacts the way he does when she wakes him up. What does Annabel think about what he says and does? How does this contribute to the novel?

Essay Topic 3

The author uses point of view as an important literary element to allow the reader to experience the story a certain way. Point of view may stay the same or change within a novel, or even within a chapter. Write an essay that defines all the the point-of-view characters, and how point of view is used. How does this type of point of view contribute to the novel? Is this a good or bad choice for this novel, or is the point of view that this story is told in optional? Why or why not? Provide examples to support your argument.

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