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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the fabric softener that Annabel uses while doing the laundry?
(a) Sleek and Soft.
(b) New Fresh Breeze.
(c) Best Fragrant Fancy.
(d) New Improved Fosphree.

2. What does Bill ask Annabel to do at the end of Chapter 4?
(a) He asks her to dust the bookshelf.
(b) He asks her to cook dinner.
(c) He asks her to launder his shirts.
(d) He asks her to clean the kitchen.

3. Does Annabel's family live in a house?
(a) Yes, it is a very small house.
(b) Yes, it is a very big house.
(c) No, they live in a condo.
(d) No, they live in an apartment.

4. The novel starts at what time of day?
(a) Just before lunch.
(b) Early afternoon.
(c) The morning.
(d) Just before dinner.

5. Why are there lumps all over Annabel's head in Chapter 1?
(a) Because she bangs her head repeatedly on the wall in frustration.
(b) Because she has lice.
(c) Because Ben trips her and she falls down the stairs.
(d) Because there are rollers in her hair.

6. How much does Annabel's camp cost?
(a) Five hundred dollars.
(b) Nine hundred dollars.
(c) Two hundred dollars.
(d) Three hundred dollars.

7. What mistake does Annabel make during breakfast?
(a) She calls her father "papa".
(b) She calls her father "pumpkin".
(c) She calls her father "daddy".
(d) She calls her father "darling".

8. Why is Annabel glad that she doesn't have to kiss the fake Annabel goodbye?
(a) She thinks that the fake Annabel smells.
(b) She thinks that it would make them late for school.
(c) She thinks that it would be too weird.
(d) She thinks that Ben would object.

9. What newspaper does Bill like to read?
(a) The New York Times.
(b) The Seatle Times.
(c) The Washington Post.
(d) The Chicago Sun.

10. What does Annabel say happens when she goes to get her hair trimmed?
(a) They hack 6 inches off of it.
(b) They give her a pixie cut.
(c) They make her look "square."
(d) They fuss over her "pretty hair" too much.

11. What does Annabel ask her father after he wakes up in chapter 2?
(a) She asks how he slept.
(b) She asks for some breakfast.
(c) She asks for his credit card.
(d) She asks how she looks.

12. Why does Boris seem shocked when he sees Annabel's bedroom?
(a) Because her room is painted bright pink.
(b) Because her room is impeccably neat.
(c) Because her room is a mess.
(d) Because her room is very large.

13. In the beginning of chapter 3, what does Annabel's father want for breakfast?
(a) Baked omlette.
(b) Steamed eggs.
(c) Smoked salmon.
(d) Fried eggs.

14. When Annabel is talking to her mother in Chapter 3, which breakfast item does she offer her?
(a) A plate of toast.
(b) A plate of eggs.
(c) A cup of instant oatmeal.
(d) A cup of tea.

15. How does Annabel describe the situation when her father sees her as her mother and not herself?
(a) Annoying, Stupid.
(b) Confusing, Sad.
(c) Marvelous, Incredible.
(d) Amazing, Stunning.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Boris Harris?

2. What item of clothing does the person in Annabel's body complain about not being able to find?

3. Where does Annabel find herself at the beginning of the novel?

4. How much money does Annabel's mother spend buying vacuum cleaner bags?

5. How old is Boris Harris?

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