Freaky Friday Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Annabel's mother look like?

Annabel's mother, Ellen, has a very detailed description. She is 35 years old and has brown eyes and brown hair. Her teeth are perfect and straight. She also has a very nice figure and wears nice -- although somewhat boring -- clothes.

2. What do Annabel and her mother fight about the night before Annabel wakes up in her mother's body?

The night before Annabel wakes up in her mother's body, they fight about how strict Ellen is. Annabel feels that she has no freedom. She thinks that Ellen doesn't let her have any fun. Some of the examples she gives are not being able to walk home in the park or go to parties.

3. How does Annabel feel about her brother and why does she say she feels that way?

Annabel feels very strongly about her brother. She is jealous of him and the attention he gets. In her eyes he is too perfect. He has the blue eyes she wishes she could have.

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