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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item of clothing does the person in Annabel's body complain about not being able to find?
(a) Her black shoes.
(b) Her pink socks.
(c) Her purple sweater.
(d) Her blue tights.

2. Why does Annabel object to the breakfast that her mother prepares for her on a normal day?
(a) Because she thinks it will make her fat.
(b) Because it is always cold.
(c) Because it is always too hot.
(d) Because she doesn't like taking pills with breakfast.

3. What object keeps Annabel's father from going back to sleep?
(a) The door.
(b) The doorbell.
(c) The alarm.
(d) The telephone.

4. Why are there lumps all over Annabel's head in Chapter 1?
(a) Because there are rollers in her hair.
(b) Because Ben trips her and she falls down the stairs.
(c) Because she bangs her head repeatedly on the wall in frustration.
(d) Because she has lice.

5. How does Annabel know how to put makeup on?
(a) She read a book on the subject.
(b) She was told by a friend at school how to.
(c) She does not know how, she is just guessing.
(d) She watches her mother do it often.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Annabel like going to school?

2. In chapter 2, how does Annabel's father describe the way she looks?

3. In the beginning of chapter 3, what does Annabel's father want for breakfast?

4. Why is Annabel glad that she doesn't have to kiss the fake Annabel goodbye?

5. Why does Annabel's body fight with Ben at the end of Chapter 3?

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