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Annabel's Bedroom

This location is a source of trouble because it is messy.

Annabel's School

This location is a meeting place for people with authority and clout, including Mr. Dilk.

The Andrews Family Apartment

This is located in New York City.

Orthodontic Braces

The removal of these is welcome, although the appointment in connection with it is nearly missed by Annabel.

Nok Hockey

This object seemingly provides fun and entertainment across age groups.

The Washing Machine

Through lack of knowledge, this object is thought to be broken.


The subject of a misunderstanding, this object is the creative result of a lack of supplies.

Velvet and Rhinestone Pantsuit

Ruined by accident, this object is not needed for that evening anyway.


This object is a peace offering from Ape Face, given to Annabel.

Dad's Dress Shirt

The subject of misinformation and a secret, this object is not ready...

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