Freaky Friday Fun Activities

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Graph the Crime

Look up the crime statistics for New York City for the year "Freaky Friday" was published. Using materials of your choice, construct a poster-size graph that Ellen might use to convince Annabel that it's unsafe for young girls to walk alone through Central Park.

Marshmallow Family

Using toothpicks, marshmallows and food coloring if desired, create a family of marshmallow people. Be sure to eat them for breakfast while reading a comic book.

Clothing Explosion Still LIfe

Using discarded clothing intended for the thrift store, create a still-life art installation. Write an artist's statement to accompany the installation, as if Annabel were the artist. Consider memorializing your art by photographing it.

Where is Annabel?

Using pen, pencil, ink, paint or other medium of your choice, create a "Where is Waldo"-type drawing of Annabel's bedroom, hiding Annabel somewhere in the mess. To find out how well...

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