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Chapter 1

• Annabel Andrews awakens inside her mother's body. She is not surprised, but also knows that no one will ever believe her.
• The reader is introduced to Annabel's 6-year-old brother, Ben, or "Ape Face"; her father, Bill, an advertising executive; and her mother, Ellen.
• Annabel has a fight with her mother the night before over a boy-girl party.

• The argument ends with her mother making a promise that Annabel will someday understand how difficult it is to be an adult.

Chapter 2

• Annabel is excited to be in her mother's body because she thinks her mother is very pretty and has no braces on her teeth.
• Annabel brushes her mother's teeth enthusiastically and then experiments with her mother's makeup.
• Excited with her new look, Annabel awakens her father, asking for compliments.

• After a disappointing interaction, Annabel slinks off to the kitchen, realizing that she does not know how to...

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