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Steven Levitt
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What contradictory names does Robert Lane give his two sons in the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Good and Bad.
(b) Pretty and Ugly.
(c) Winner and Loser.
(d) Hope and Despair.

2. How many American children per year would be saved if parents childproofed their pools?
(a) 175.
(b) 250.
(c) 400.
(d) 30.

3. What name did Ms. Bledsoe intend to give her daughter, Temptress?
(a) Septima.
(b) Metress.
(c) Tamera.
(d) Tempestt.

4. A quoted study in the text suggest that the United States would have to pay 46 billion dollars to save what animal from extinction?
(a) The spotted own.
(b) The grey wolf.
(c) The humpbacked whale.
(d) The snow leopard.

5. Who was Rudolph Giuliani's police commissioner often credited with reducing crime in New York in the Nineties?
(a) William Bratton.
(b) Bernard Kerik.
(c) Howard Safire.
(d) Ray Kelly.

Short Answer Questions

1. On average, what percentage of the student population is black in a school that an ECLS white child attends?

2. How many names from the top ten most popular black boy's names from 1990 do not appear on the 2000 list?

3. A Head Start teacher earns half as much annually as what?

4. To what technology do the authors compare the system they use for determining regression analysis?

5. What Eighties movie comedy was instrumental in the popularity of the name Madison?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is regression analysis?

2. According to Dubner and Levitt, what is the essential function of the gun?

3. What do the authors determine about the social migration of names?

4. What determination do the authors make regarding parenting in this chapter?

5. What is the history behind the emergence of distinctly black names in America?

6. How does Roland G. Fryer, Jr., figure into the book both as a source and a topic?

7. What theory guided Rudolph Giuliani and William Bratton in their policing strategies of the Nineties?

8. To what extent does every chapter in FREAKONOMICS involve a closed system?

9. What study is cited involving names and job hiring?

10. What connection exists between celebrity and popular names?

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