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Steven Levitt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which ethnicity generally tests better than whites in the ECLS?
(a) Asians.
(b) Hispanics.
(c) Blacks.
(d) Arab-Americans.

2. In what crime-ridden neighborhood did Venkatesh do his graduate research?
(a) East St. Louis.
(b) The South Bronx.
(c) South Central Los Angeles.
(d) South Chicago.

3. Within a single office, who cheats Paul Feldman most?
(a) Custodial staff.
(b) Executives.
(c) Visiting employees.
(d) Low level employees.

4. How does Paul Feldman view humanity as a result of his business records?
(a) People are basically honest.
(b) People become less honest after achieving success.
(c) People never lie.
(d) People are deceptive and entitled.

5. Which of the following factors is revealed not to have a correlative effect on a child's school performance?
(a) The child is regularly spanked.
(b) The child's parents speak English at home.
(c) The child's parents have a high socioeconomic status.
(d) The child has many books in his home.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the authors, what would be a more reasonable educational concern than the black-white achievement gap?

2. What percentage of people actually pays for Paul Feldman's wares?

3. At what preeminent university does Venkatesh meet Steven Levitt?

4. What percentage of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation takes home half the pay?

5. How do teachers most often cheat on standardized tests?

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