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Steven Levitt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following factors is revealed not to have a correlative effect on a child's school performance?
(a) The child's parents have a high socioeconomic status.
(b) The child's parents speak English at home.
(c) The child has many books in his home.
(d) The child is regularly spanked.

2. How did the Chicago Public School system deal with the confusion of allowing students to choose any school in the city?
(a) They augmented the buildings of the most successful schools.
(b) They limited choices to a four mile radius.
(c) They had everyone choose a list of ten schools.
(d) They ran a lottery.

3. Which of the following is a major reason that the turf war affected JT's profits adversely?
(a) His supply connection dried up.
(b) He had to leave town.
(c) Foot soldiers demanded higher wages.
(d) Funeral and family compensation costs rose.

4. What did DuPont introduce in 1939 to make stockings more affordable?
(a) Run-proofing.
(b) Nylon.
(c) Elastic.
(d) Scotch guard.

5. Which of the following factors is revealed to have a correlative effect on a child's school performance?
(a) The child attended Head Start.
(b) The child frequently watches television.
(c) The child's parents recently moved to a better neighborhood.
(d) The child has a low birth weight.

Short Answer Questions

1. The authors compare the risk of a crack dealer in JT's gang to the most dangerous job in America. What is that job?

2. What does the ECLS show about the black-white achievement gap for students just entering school?

3. Within a single office, who cheats Paul Feldman most?

4. Why did Oscar Danilo Blandon claim that he sold such extensive quantities of crack cocaine in the late 1970s?

5. At the end of this chapter, Levitt compares an aspiring parent to what equally deluded hypothetical figure from earlier in the book?

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