Objects & Places from Freakonomics

Steven Levitt
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This is the location of the crack-gang that the authors analyze.

New York City

A precipitous violent crime drop in this location is attributed to creative policing tactics enacted by the mayor and police commissioner.

Haifa, Israel

This location is the site of a series of day-cares analyzed in the book.

California Birth Certificate Information

A Harvard economist develops an exhaustive database using information gathered from here.

A study of trends from this focuses on discrimination based on race and age.

Adventures of Superman

This object was the conduit used to disempower the Ku Klux Klan.

Funeral Caskets

Sales of these objects have been affected greatly by the advent of the Internet.

High-end Families

This group is the prime driver of baby names in American society.

Sumo Wrestlers

Analysis of this group shows a system in which cheating is universally beneficial.


One man's...

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