Objects & Places from Freakonomics

Steven Levitt
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Chicago - This is the location of the crack-gang that the authors analyze.

New York City - A precipitous violent crime drop in this location is attributed to creative policing tactics enacted by the mayor and police commissioner.

Haifa, Israel - This location is the site of a series of day-cares analyzed in the book.

California Birth Certificate Information - A Harvard economist develops an exhaustive database using information gathered from here.

The Weakest Link - A study of trends from this focuses on discrimination based on race and age.

Adventures of Superman - This object was the conduit used to disempower the Ku Klux Klan.

Funeral Caskets - Sales of these objects have been affected greatly by the advent of the Internet.

High-end Families - This group is the prime driver of baby names in American society.

Sumo Wrestlers - Analysis of this group shows a...

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