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Steven Levitt
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What's In a Name?

The final body chapter of FREAKONOMICS deals with the the reasoning and trends that affect the choice of a child's name. Each student should do research into her name. What are its origins? Has there been a period in which this name was absurdly popular? Is it mentioned in the final chapter of the book?


Stephen Levitt has often been criticized for offering contrarian points of view that discourage activities (for example, solar power in his new book) that are largely considered positive. As a class, watch clips from documentaries about contrarian figures like An Unreasonable Man about Ralph Nader and the Frontline documentary The Warning about economists who tried to warn government and business players about the housing bubble.

Incentives for Dishonesty

Levitt and Dubner discuss the idea of honesty through much of the book and the incentives that make lying and...

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