Freakonomics Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Steven Levitt
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• The authors connect Roe v. Wade to the drop in violent crime in the late 1990s.
• Real estate agents are driven by the incentive of quick profit.
• Money does not make any substantive difference in an election.
• The authors lay out the precepts that guide their research and theories to follow.

Chapter 1

• A day-care group in Haifa, Israel find that a negative incentive encourages people to cheat the system.
• Teachers in the Chicago Public School system cheat in the face of government incentives connected to standardized testing.
• Sumo wrestlers throw bouts to help struggling colleagues.
• Paul Feldman shows that people are honest 87% of the time with his honor-system bagel business.

Chapter 2

• Stetson Kennedy foils the Ku Klux Klan by revealing their secrets on the Superman radio program.
• Real estate agents use certain terms to attract lower bids on houses.
• Latinos and the elderly are discriminated against on...

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