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Short Answer Questions

1. What smell does Max first recognize when he enters "the other place" with his father?

2. Who does Max become when he finds out about Kevin's death?

3. What does Max's father compare the old boarded up building to once he and Max get into it?

4. What does Grim say Max inherited from his father?

5. What does Loretta call Max right before his father begins choking her?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Max get his father to stop choking Loretta?

2. Why does Kevin think that his tracheotomy is cool?

3. In what way is Kevin's thirteenth birthday two birthdays in one?

4. What does Grim say that his father gave him for Christmas?

5. Why does Max's father believe that Grim and Gram thought he was not good enough for their daughter?

6. How does Kevin explain the act of remembering?

7. According to Max's father, what does Hell look like?

8. What causes Max to pull out the empty book one year after Kevin's death?

9. What happens that makes Max go crazy at the hospital?

10. What happens to force Max to believe that "spooky stuff" happens on all Friday the Thirteenths?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Even though Kevin was different from Max, he was enamored by Kevin from the first time that he saw him. Why was Max enamored by Kevin? What things did Max find fascinating about Kevin? Be specific and then explain your findings.

Essay Topic 2

Why do you think Max feared his father so much? Name, and discuss, two reasons why Max was afraid of his father. What is the fear? What is the fear based upon? Was the fear realistic? Why? Why not?

Essay Topic 3

Kevin gave Max an empty book right before he passed away. What was Kevin's plan for Max and the book? Why do you think Kevin gave the book to Max? How important do you think the book will be to Max in the future?

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