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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Max's reading skills tutor think Max has never done well in school?

2. What does Max's father compare the old boarded up building to once he and Max get into it?

3. What does Gram ask Max if he has when they are talking about Kevin's trips to the doctor, after Max tells her that they are a team?

4. What does Max's father use to tie over his mouth so that he cannot yell for help?

5. What does Max compare a pencil in his hand to?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Family comes to mean more to Max by the end of the book given all that he has been through. Discuss what Max comes to learn about the importance of family. In what ways does Max find out family is important? What did Max think about family before the book ended? What events changed Max's mind about the importance of family?

Essay Topic 2

Freak the Mighty (Max and Kevin) show courage throughout the book. Choose three circumstances where Freak the Mighty shows courage and explain why their actions were courageous.

Essay Topic 3

Kevin is fascinated by dragons, knights, and quests. How do you think his fascination with these things lengthened his life? (Think about the conversation between his doctor and Max at the end of the book.)

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