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Short Answer Questions

1. What tune does Kevin play on his tracheotomy?

2. Who is pictured in the picture on the wall, the one with the eyes that follow "you" around?

3. What does Max assume has happened, given that the nurse is crying after he goes "nuts"?

4. What color shirt does Gwen wear to Christmas dinner at Max's house?

5. What does Max's father claim is the reason he was not good enough for Max's mother?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mr. Meehan explain Max's inability to do well in school?

2. What does Max do when Mrs.Donalli asks him a question in class?

3. Describe the apartment that Max and his father hide out in.

4. How does Kevin define remembering?

5. Why does Max believe that Mrs. Donalli is finally getting used to him and Kevin?

6. Why does Loretta come to the abandoned basement to rescue Max?

7. Why does Kevin think that his tracheotomy is cool?

8. What happens that makes Max go crazy at the hospital?

9. How does Kevin explain the act of remembering?

10. What does Max's father do to ensure that Max does not escape from the abandoned basement?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What character from the book do you identify with the most? Name the character and list the characteristics that you believe align with the type of person that you are.

Essay Topic 2

What is your favorite quote from the book? Why is this your favorite quote? Who says it? How do you relate to the quote? Explain in detail.

Essay Topic 3

Freak the Mighty (Max and Kevin) show courage throughout the book. Choose three circumstances where Freak the Mighty shows courage and explain why their actions were courageous.

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