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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Max put the book Kevin gives to him in the hospital?

2. What nickname do the papers give Loretta after Killer Kane is caught?

3. What shape of box is Max's present from Kevin wrapped in?

4. According to Max, what food does Kevin love?

5. Who does Max run into on the front lawn of the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Max's father do to ensure that Max does not escape from the abandoned basement?

2. Why does Loretta come to the abandoned basement to rescue Max?

3. How does Kevin define remembering?

4. What does Max's father say is the first thing that Max must do when talking to him in the old lady's apartment?

5. Describe the apartment that Max and his father hide out in.

6. What does Max do, on the hospital lawn, given that he is not able to go in and visit Kevin?

7. How does Mr. Meehan explain Max's inability to do well in school?

8. What does Grim say that his father gave him for Christmas?

9. How is Kevin dressed for the Christmas Eve dinner at Max's house?

10. How does Max get his father to stop choking Loretta?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

True friendship is a key theme to the book. Find three examples where true friendship are exampled and explain why the example speaks to true friendship.

Essay Topic 2

Max seems to be a very good judge of character. Choose one of the subordinate characters (Loretta, Iggy, Ken Kane) and describe how Max's initial feelings about the character came to be true. Alternatively, Max ended up being wrong about two of the characters, why were his initial feelings about the character false?

Essay Topic 3

Max and Kevin are both bullied throughout the novel. They are both bullied by Tony D, Loretta and Iggy, and Ken Kane. Describe the ways in which both are bullied and how they deal with the bullying.

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