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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is sitting empty on top of the "old bat's" television- in the apartment that Max's father takes him to hide out?
(a) A fish bowl.
(b) A cereal box.
(c) A candy bowl.
(d) A fruit bowl.

2. What nickname do the papers give Loretta after Killer Kane is caught?
(a) Heroic Biker Babe.
(b) Ravishing Rescuer.
(c) Max's Angel.
(d) Antonio Avenger.

3. Who always says "You can't always judge a book by the cover"?
(a) Grim.
(b) Gram.
(c) Gwen.
(d) Kevin.

4. What does Max's father tell him that he cannot watch without crying?
(a) People holding hands.
(b) A sad movie.
(c) Children playing with their fathers.
(d) Someone playing the guitar.

5. What wakes Max up on Christmas Eve?
(a) HIs lights coming on.
(b) Someone breathing.
(c) An alarm.
(d) A door banging.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who, according to Mrs. Addison in Chapter 14, is requesting Max's presence?

2. How many presents does Gram allow everyone to open on Christmas Eve?

3. What does Max's father compare cops to in the beginning of Chapter 19?

4. Where does Mrs. Donelli wait for Max to go before asking him questions that she would no longer ask him in class?

5. Once in the burned out basement, what does Max's father tie him to?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Max's father, what does Hell look like?

2. How does Max get his father to stop choking Loretta?

3. How does Kevin define remembering?

4. What does Max's father say is the first thing that Max must do when talking to him in the old lady's apartment?

5. What causes Max to pull out the empty book one year after Kevin's death?

6. What do both Kevin and Max get each other for Christmas?

7. What happens to Kevin, at the end of Chapter 22, to send him to the hospital?

8. What does Max do when Mrs.Donalli asks him a question in class?

9. Why does Loretta come to the abandoned basement to rescue Max?

10. What does Max's father do to ensure that Max does not escape from the abandoned basement?

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