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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Max admit to his father that makes him let go of Loretta?
(a) That he hates him.
(b) That he saw him kill his mother.
(c) That he loves him.
(d) That he never should have gone to jail.

2. What does Grim tell Max led him to realize that Max's father had him?
(a) A dream.
(b) Footprints in the snow.
(c) A sick feeling.
(d) A nightmare.

3. What wakes Max up on Christmas Eve?
(a) An alarm.
(b) Someone breathing.
(c) HIs lights coming on.
(d) A door banging.

4. Who does Max run into on the front lawn of the hospital?
(a) Tony D.
(b) Gwen.
(c) Loretta.
(d) Grim.

5. According to Kevin, and his doctor, who does Kevin say is familiar with his case?
(a) The Governor.
(b) Specialists from all over the world.
(c) The President.
(d) Tom Cruise.

6. What does Loretta call Max right before his father begins choking her?
(a) Pumpkin.
(b) Baby.
(c) Sweetie.
(d) Sugar.

7. What, according to Grim, would his father write on a piece of paper and put into his stocking when he was a kid?
(a) Chocolate.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Coal.
(d) Surprise.

8. What does Max's father compare the old boarded up building to once he and Max get into it?
(a) Heaven.
(b) His first apartment with Max's mother.
(c) Prison.
(d) Hell.

9. What does Grim say are told to "entertain"?
(a) Truths.
(b) Lies.
(c) Memories.
(d) Tales.

10. What does Max's father claim is the reason he was not good enough for Max's mother?
(a) His record.
(b) His looks.
(c) His job.
(d) His bank account.

11. What is sitting empty on top of the "old bat's" television- in the apartment that Max's father takes him to hide out?
(a) A candy bowl.
(b) A cereal box.
(c) A fruit bowl.
(d) A fish bowl.

12. How many presents does Gram allow everyone to open on Christmas Eve?
(a) Two.
(b) None.
(c) Four.
(d) One.

13. Why does Max's reading skills tutor think Max has never done well in school?
(a) He is stubborn.
(b) He is lazy.
(c) He doesn't want to learn.
(d) All of those listed.

14. What is the name of the electronic gear Kevin is hooked up to in the hospital?
(a) Cardio-symetery.
(b) Starpen's recorder.
(c) Meterological diagnostics.
(d) Telemetry.

15. What is on the pages of the book that Kevin gives to Max in the ICU?
(a) Pictures of knights.
(b) More definitions.
(c) Treasure maps.
(d) Nothing; it is blank.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Max have to testify in court against his father?

2. What did students from Max and Kevin's school draw on the pictures from the paper?

3. What does Max's father accuse Grim and Gram of?

4. Once in the "old bat's" apartment, how does Max's father tell him to start acting?

5. Once in the burned out basement, what does Max's father tie him to?

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