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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Max's father accuse Grim and Gram of?
(a) Setting him up.
(b) Not giving him the presents he sent.
(c) Keeping him in jail.
(d) Faking Max's mother's death.

2. Who does Max become when he finds out about Kevin's death?
(a) Max the Mighty.
(b) Freak.
(c) Kicker.
(d) Killer Kane's son.

3. Why is Johnny Tremain mad and hateful, according to Max?
(a) Because he burned his hand.
(b) Because his mother said they had to move.
(c) Because he failed math.
(d) Because he stole something and got grounded.

4. What does Gram get from Max for Christmas?
(a) A ring.
(b) A necklace.
(c) A pair of socks.
(d) A bracelet.

5. What is Max's father waiting on from Iggy to make his and Max's getaway?
(a) Money.
(b) ID cards.
(c) A car.
(d) Passports.

6. What does Max compare Gwen to on Christmas Eve?
(a) An elf.
(b) A Christmas decoration.
(c) Santa's wife.
(d) An angel.

7. Where does Mrs. Donelli wait for Max to go before asking him questions that she would no longer ask him in class?
(a) The hallways.
(b) On the steps leaving school.
(c) The lunchroom.
(d) Study hall.

8. On what day does Kevin go into the hospital after he has a seizure?
(a) His birthday.
(b) Max's birthday.
(c) Max's mother's birthday.
(d) Gwen's birthday.

9. What does Grim say Max inherited from his father?
(a) His brain.
(b) His heart.
(c) His fears.
(d) His size.

10. What is the name of Max's reading skills tutor?
(a) Preston.
(b) Hampton.
(c) Meehan.
(d) Skinner.

11. Who does Kevin say that he wants to live with when he tells Gwen to put him up for adoption?
(a) His doctor.
(b) The Waltons.
(c) Max.
(d) His English teacher.

12. Once in the "old bat's" apartment, how does Max's father tell him to start acting?
(a) Important.
(b) Smart.
(c) Dumb.
(d) Regular.

13. What does Max's father claim is the reason he was not good enough for Max's mother?
(a) His record.
(b) His bank account.
(c) His job.
(d) His looks.

14. What does Max say Mrs. Donelli is "admitting" about Kevin, by October?
(a) That he is not as smart as he thinks.
(b) That he is smarter than her.
(c) That he is more trouble than he is worth.
(d) That he is too smart for his own good.

15. What does Max's father use to tie over his mouth so that he cannot yell for help?
(a) Part of Max's shirt.
(b) A bandanna.
(c) Part of a burned blanket.
(d) Part of his own shirt.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Kevin tell Max that he will be coming home from the ICU?

2. What does Loretta call Max right before his father begins choking her?

3. On Friday the Thirteenth, where does Max have to go from homeroom?

4. During his last conversation with Loretta, in Chapter 25, what does Loretta tell Max is a drag?

5. What does Kevin ask for during Christmas Eve dinner that makes Gram laugh so hard that she has a coughing fit?

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