Freak the Mighty Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why was Max called "Kicker" in daycare?

Max found that the people in daycare thought a hug was like medicine. Max did not like hugging at all; therefore, Max felt it necessary to kick anyone who tried to hug him. His name "Kicker" came from this.

2. Why did Max never attempt to kick Freak in day care?

Max decided that he never kicked Freak because Freak was known to have smacked kids with his crutches and Max wanted nothing to do with getting hit with Freak's crutches.

3. Explain the details surrounding Max's second meeting with Freak.

After Freak disappeared from daycare, Max came across Freak in the third grade. Max saw Freak looking out at him from "one of those cripple vans."

4. Why does Max think Grim never says his father's name?

Grim, Max's grandfather, never calls Max's father by his name. Grim only refers to his father by the name "Him". Max thinks that Grim calls him "Him" because his real name is too scary to say.

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