Freak the Mighty Fun Activities

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Moive Time

Watch "The Mighty". Have students discuss the similarities and differences between the book and the movie.

Freak the Mighty's New Clothes

Make a new cover for the book Freak the Mighty.

Mini Me's

Create a "mini me" of yourself. In what ways do you feel you are only part of who you could be? What would your "Freak" be? (What would you need to make you whole?)

Arthur's Adventure

Create a quest (a treasure hunt) for the students. Give them a map to follow and a treasure to find.

Theme Song

Find a theme song for both Kevin and Max. What, if they had one, would their theme song be? Why?

Blank Book

Write of your journeys, as Kevin asked Max to do, in a blank book. What have your adventures been? Who have you shared them with? Why are they important?

My Dictionary

Create a...

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