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Chapters 1 and 2

• Max describes his experiences with daycare and how he received the nickname "Kicker".

• Freak came to daycare and Max was awed by his crutches and leg braces.

• Max got a glimpse of Freak during the third grade peering out from a "cripple van".
• Grim and Gram notice how much Max is getting to look like his father, a name Grim will not say.

• Max states two things happen during the summer before eighth grade, he grows uncontrollably and Freak moves in down from him.
• Max watches Freak and his mother move in.

• After being approached by Freak, Max thinks he wants him to die.

Chapters 3 and 4

• Max ventures out to the backyard and spots the Freak jumping at the branches of a tree in his backyard.

• Max helps Freak get the ornithopter out of the tree, and for the next hour, the two play with the...

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