Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1940 Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

William E. Leuchtenburg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through One Third of a Nation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following politicians is from Nebraska and leads the fight for the Tennessee Valley Authority in the first few months of 1933?
(a) James Warburg.
(b) Joe Martin.
(c) Hugo Black.
(d) George Norris.

2. When asked why he kept a family going on credit, a Philadelphia storekeeper told a reporter that there were how many children in the family's house with no shoes?
(a) 8.
(b) 11.
(c) 5.
(d) 15.

3. When discussing his time as Governor, Leuchtenburg says that Roosevelt accomplishes gains in all but which of the following areas?
(a) Industrial welfare.
(b) Unemployment relief.
(c) Conservation.
(d) Immigration reform.

4. When Secretary Wallace sends out a questionnaire to cotton farmers asking their opinion of compulsory crop reduction, he finds that what percentage favor the plan?
(a) 100%.
(b) 15%.
(c) 38%.
(d) 80%.

5. Which of the following individuals switches California's votes to Roosevelt during the 1932 Democratic convention, thus making Roosevelt the Democratic candidate?
(a) Melvin J. Traylor.
(b) John Nance Garner.
(c) J. Hamilton Lewis.
(d) William McAdoo.

Short Answer Questions

1. By the time Roosevelt is inaugurated, how many states have closed their banks?

2. Pecora's investigation into the House of Morgan partners in May of 1933--and the subsequent income tax revelations--leads Congress to pass which of the following bills?

3. In which of the following cities does the American Federation of Labor hold its 1934 convention?

4. According to the end of "The Politics of Hard Times," what is the final Electoral College tally by which Roosevelt defeats Hoover?

5. As "The Hundred Days' War" concludes, which of the following famous writers wonders if he was fooled by Roosevelt in the election?

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