Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1940 Quiz | Eight Week Quiz A

William E. Leuchtenburg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Winter of Despair.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "Iron Age" reports during the summer of 1932 that steel plants are operating at what percent of their capacity?
(a) 52.
(b) 74.
(c) 98.
(d) 12.

2. Which of the following railroads does "The Politics of Hard Times" mention as a common ride for homeless Americans in search of work?
(a) Rock Island.
(b) New York Central.
(c) Burlington Northern.
(d) Union Pacific.

3. Which of the following individuals is a member of the "Brain Trust" and continues to serve as an adviser after the 1932 election, when that group disbands?
(a) James Kieran.
(b) Raymond Moley.
(c) Samuel Rosenman.
(d) Basil O'Connor.

4. According to "Winter of Despair," which of the following words appears most frequently in the writings of New Deal theorists?
(a) Balance.
(b) Power.
(c) Labor.
(d) Welfare.

5. Which of the following candidates has the powerful support of publisher William Randolph Hearst during the 1932 Presidential primary race?
(a) J. Hamilton Lewis.
(b) John Nance Garner.
(c) Melvin J. Traylor.
(d) William McAdoo.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following individuals switches California's votes to Roosevelt during the 1932 Democratic convention, thus making Roosevelt the Democratic candidate?

2. In which of the following cities does Roosevelt accuse Hoover of being "the greatest spending Administration in peace times in all our history" during the 1932 Presidential campaign?

3. In the spring of 1932, in which state is Roosevelt Governor?

4. "The Politics of Hard Times" reports that as the party in power, which political party faced almost certain defeat in the 1932 election?

5. Toward the end of his term, Hoover orders a Senate investigation into the financial crisis. Which of the following men is chosen to lead this investigation?

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