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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is drinking illegal in Sin City?
(a) It is too expensive for the city's income to maintain.
(b) The Church has absolute authority on legal morality.
(c) It allows politicians to collect bribes from nightclub owners to serve alcohol.
(d) It cuts down on the violence.

2. For what reason did Marv hold himself responsible for failing to prevent Goldie's death?
(a) He was exhausted.
(b) He was drunk.
(c) He was strung-out.
(d) He was scared.

3. When Marv tells Lucille that he fought some cops, what does she ask in return?
(a) Whether Marv should have really fought them.
(b) Whether he killed anyone.
(c) Whether they deserved it.
(d) Whether they knew he was at her apartment.

4. Why does Marv not believe the priest when told that Roark is involved in Goldie's murder?
(a) Roark is incredibly powerful.
(b) Roark died months earlier.
(c) Roark is a friend.
(d) Roark is a priest.

5. How does Marv attempt to pass the time while waiting for the day to go by in Chapter 5?
(a) Drawing.
(b) Exercising.
(c) Watching TV.
(d) Reading.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the priest send Marv?

2. Why does Marv wish to get the attention of the people who framed him for Goldie's murder?

3. Why does the bouncer initially try to tell Marv to leave?

4. What kind of music does Kadie play in her nightclub?

5. What does Marv swear to do to Goldie's murderer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the mysteries Marv encounters in the first chapter of "The Hard Goodbye"?

2. What do the approaching police sirens indicate to Marv and why?

3. What is significant about Marv believing that he caught Goldie's scent in the air?

4. Describe the encounters that lead Marv to the church.

5. How does Marv escape from the hotel?

6. What information does Marv get from the priest in chapter five?

7. Why does Marv discuss jigsaw puzzles at the beginning of chapter four?

8. What are the contrasts between Marv's feelings for Goldie that night and his past?

9. What does Marv believe will happen if he is caught by the police and what does this indicate about himself and the town?

10. What is significant about the amount of illegal activities in Sin City?

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