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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what is Kevin actually jumping when he mistakenly believes he found Marv?
(a) His wolf.
(b) A dead tree.
(c) Marv's coat.
(d) A razor wire trap.

2. What happens to Lucille at the end of chapter seven?
(a) She is murdered by the police officers.
(b) She is attacked by Kevin's wolf.
(c) She is accidentally shot by Marv.
(d) She has her neck broken by Kevin.

3. What did Kevin confess to Roark when he first met him as a young boy?
(a) His homosexuality.
(b) His hatred of women.
(c) His cannibalism.
(d) His fear of God.

4. Why does Marv watch twenty blocks away from Nancy's home?
(a) He needs time to clear his head.
(b) He does not want anyone to connect him to her.
(c) He needs to steel himself to killing Roark.
(d) He is afraid that she will send someone after him.

5. Why do the cops not kill Marv after they find him with Roark's body?
(a) Marv asks them for mercy.
(b) They want to pin all the murders on him.
(c) They knew they would be arrested if they killed him.
(d) They want to torture him like he tortured Roark.

6. What does Marv reveal as being one of his fears?
(a) Animals.
(b) Water.
(c) Nature.
(d) The dark.

7. In chapter eight, what realization does Marv have about Goldie's motivations for seducing him?
(a) She was genuinely attracted to him.
(b) She wanted his protection.
(c) She was trying to frighten away a mean customer.
(d) She had fallen in love with his protective instincts.

8. How did Lucille end up at the farm?
(a) She was captured on her way to her car.
(b) She was told to go there or her girlfriend would be killed.
(c) She followed Marv.
(d) She was told she could find Marv there.

9. What does Marv unthinkingly attempt to do to Wendy in the hotel room?
(a) Slap her.
(b) Shoot her.
(c) Touch her.
(d) Kiss her.

10. What does Marv do when he is executed in the electric chair?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He screams.
(c) He manages to escape.
(d) He tells everyone about Roark and Kevin.

11. What does Lucille give the police officers?
(a) The body of the wolf.
(b) The prostitute's head.
(c) Marv's coat.
(d) Marv's gun.

12. How does Marv react to the news Lucille gives him about Goldie?
(a) He says it does not matter and that he will still track down her killers.
(b) He is broken-hearted that she betrayed him.
(c) He is disgusted at the idea of her body being on the farm.
(d) He is thrilled she is still alive.

13. Why is Marv unsatisfied by Kevin's death?
(a) Kevin is unresponsive up until the end.
(b) Marv is sick of killing people.
(c) Kevin dies too quickly for Marv's liking.
(d) Kevin is not capable of understanding evil.

14. Why is Marv initially unable to break down the door in the farmhouse?
(a) Marv is weakened from his fights.
(b) It is extremely reinforced.
(c) The door is welded shut.
(d) Marv is handcuffed to the wall.

15. How does the assistant district attorney force Marv to sign the confession?
(a) They suggest that they will allow Kevin's wolf to eat him if he does not sign.
(b) They threaten to kill Wendy.
(c) They threaten to kill his mother.
(d) They tell him that Nancy will be safe if he stays in jail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Wendy repeatedly attack Marv?

2. Who lends Marv a pair of handcuffs?

3. What does Marv do to the status of Roark?

4. Why does Marv love the rain?

5. How is Marv able to take away Kevin's advantage of agility?

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