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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Roark arrange for Goldie's murder?
(a) Goldie was blackmailing Roark.
(b) Goldie found out about Roark and Kevin's cannibalistic practices.
(c) Goldie escaped from Kevin's clutches.
(d) Goldie tried to kill Kevin in retaliation for her murdered friends.

2. What does Wendy give Marv that accidentally allows him to taste her lipstick?
(a) A flask of whiskey.
(b) A tissue.
(c) A cigarette.
(d) A gag.

3. From listening to his gut, what does Marv realize about the farm as he approaches it?
(a) It is not the farm to which he needs to go.
(b) It does not exist.
(c) It is an evil place.
(d) It is built on an Indian burial ground.

4. Why does Marv feel responsible for Goldie's death?
(a) He made the situation for her worse.
(b) He is afraid his involvement made her death more immediate.
(c) He was too drunk to hear Kevin sneak in and killer her.
(d) He knew Goldie was helpless.

5. Where does Marv sleep in the hotel while Wendy is in the bed?
(a) The balcony.
(b) The bed.
(c) The floor.
(d) The couch.

6. At what is Kevin actually jumping when he mistakenly believes he found Marv?
(a) A dead tree.
(b) A razor wire trap.
(c) His wolf.
(d) Marv's coat.

7. What does Wendy do for Marv before he is electrocuted?
(a) She makes love to him and lets him call her Goldie.
(b) She brings him the cross he always wore around his neck.
(c) She brings him Gladys so that he can choose to commit suicide.
(d) She promises to protect his mother.

8. Why is Marv unable to look at Wendy in the car?
(a) He keeps thinking she is Goldie.
(b) He feels ashamed of his looks around her.
(c) He is angry at the way she attacked him.
(d) He feels guilty about her sister.

9. While searching for human remains, Marv finds a woman's shoe and a _____.
(a) Wig.
(b) Dress.
(c) Tongue.
(d) Bone.

10. Why did Wendy repeatedly attack Marv?
(a) She believed he was responsible for Goldie and the prostitutes' deaths.
(b) She is being paid by Roark.
(c) She thought he was going to murder her.
(d) She os frightened by his appearance.

11. Why is Lucille hesitant to leave the room with Marv?
(a) She is part of a frame up against Marv.
(b) She believes the police are coming to save them.
(c) She is afraid that they will run into Kevin.
(d) She is too cold to go outside.

12. What does Marv realize before being knocked out with the mallet?
(a) He is going to be killed by the wolf.
(b) The man with the glasses killed Goldie.
(c) He has been set up by the priest.
(d) He is afraid to die.

13. Why does Marv begin to doubt the events of the last few days in chapter eight?
(a) He believes Roark is innocent.
(b) He has not taken his medication.
(c) He is unsure if the events of the farmhouse were a nightmare.
(d) It does not make any sense to him.

14. What about Marv's quest for vengeance confuses Wendy?
(a) She does not understand why he has killed so many people.
(b) She does not understand his fear of Roark.
(c) She is afraid of his violent nature.
(d) She believes Marv does not owe her sister anything.

15. What does Wendy reveal to Marv about Goldie that helps to link Roark and Kevin together?
(a) Goldie's customers were primarily priests.
(b) Goldie was attacked by Roark.
(c) Goldie knew that the church was covering up a murder.
(d) Goldie witnessed Roark and Kevin engaging in cannibalism.

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Roark first believed Kevin was insane, why did he start to participate in Kevin's rituals with the women?

2. With what does Marv line the farmhouse property in an attempt to slow down Kevin?

3. What role does the wolf play in Marv's torture of Kevin?

4. Why is Marv initially unable to break down the door in the farmhouse?

5. According to Lucille, what does the man with the glasses do to the women before he kills them?

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