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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lucille procure medication for Marv?
(a) She goes through her dealer.
(b) She steals it from a hospital.
(c) Her girlfriend is a psychiatrist.
(d) Her brother is a pharmacist.

2. How does Marv manage to return to the streets after escaping the police in Chapter 3?
(a) He leaves a false trail for the police to follow.
(b) He climbs up a manhole.
(c) He takes the long way around to Lucille's apartment.
(d) He disguises himself as a police officer.

3. Why does Marv not believe the priest when told that Roark is involved in Goldie's murder?
(a) Roark died months earlier.
(b) Roark is a priest.
(c) Roark is a friend.
(d) Roark is incredibly powerful.

4. When Marv tells Lucille that he fought some cops, what does she ask in return?
(a) Whether he killed anyone.
(b) Whether Marv should have really fought them.
(c) Whether they deserved it.
(d) Whether they knew he was at her apartment.

5. How does Marv explain his injuries to his mother?
(a) He got into a fight over someone insulting his girlfriend.
(b) He was mugged on the way home.
(c) He fell down the stairs.
(d) He cut himself shaving.

6. What does Marv promise Goldie's dead body?
(a) He will find her sister.
(b) He will find out her real name.
(c) He will avenge her.
(d) He will bury her.

7. Where does the priest send Marv?
(a) Roark's apartment.
(b) A farm.
(c) A hospital.
(d) A bar.

8. How does Marv attempt to pass the time while waiting for the day to go by in Chapter 5?
(a) Drawing.
(b) Watching TV.
(c) Exercising.
(d) Reading.

9. What is a side effect of the legal status of drinking?
(a) Only politicians can drink.
(b) Nobody drinks.
(c) Alcohol is practicailly free.
(d) Alcohol is incredibly expensive.

10. Where does Marv land after escaping the hotel?
(a) Police car.
(b) Rooftop of a restaurant.
(c) Swimming pool.
(d) Alleyway.

11. For what reason did Marv hold himself responsible for failing to prevent Goldie's death?
(a) He was scared.
(b) He was drunk.
(c) He was exhausted.
(d) He was strung-out.

12. What breaks Marv's fall from the hotel?
(a) Bushes.
(b) Police cruiser.
(c) Garbage bags.
(d) Human bodies.

13. What container does Marv carry on him in Chapter 2?
(a) Cigarette case.
(b) Prescription pill bottle.
(c) Water bottle.
(d) Flask.

14. What does Marv break when he finally escapes from the hotel in Chapter 2?
(a) Window.
(b) Television.
(c) Vase.
(d) Desk.

15. How does Marv know the police are on their way to his hotel room?
(a) The murderer left a note.
(b) He hears the sirens.
(c) The front desk calls him.
(d) He calls for help outside his window.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lucille take with her to investigate the noises outside her window?

2. How does Kadie repay Marv for the favors she owes him?

3. What happened when Claire tried to analyze Marv in therapy?

4. When Marv is cornered by the police car after escaping from the hotel, what does he break on it?

5. Who is approaching the room as Marv says goodbye to Goldie?

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