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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the boy in 'The Flints of Memory Lane' see that frightens him so much?
(a) A gypsy woman with an unpleasant smile.
(b) A strange shadow that looks like a huge black dog.
(c) The ghost of his friend, who died a month ago.
(d) A vision of the future in which he is dead.

2. What is the first story about?
(a) A chef who changes a customer's order to suit the wine, but the customer ends up having an allergy to the food.
(b) A boy who plays a cello very badly, and one day manages to inexplicably play fantastic music on it, but breaks it the next day and can never play it properly again.
(c) A little boy who is dared by some other boys to knock on the door of a strange playhouse. The playhouse traps the other boys and they are never seen again.
(d) A woman who falls in love with a man at an airport by looking at the x-ray of his luggage.

3. In 'The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch' what are the professions of Jane, Jonathon, and the narrator?
(a) A housewife, an accountant, and a fantasy author.
(b) A circus performer, a ringmaster, and a fantasy author.
(c) A journalist, a television presenter, and a fantasy author.
(d) An actress, a film producer, and a fantasy author.

4. Why was Amelia on her way to Lord Falconmere's house?
(a) To beg him to marry her.
(b) To work as a governess for his children.
(c) To work as a cook in his kitchen.
(d) To claim her birthright.

5. Why are the first two ghost stories unsatisfying?
(a) They are not actually about ghosts.
(b) They do not involve any of the people at the club.
(c) They are urban legends and do not make a lot of sense.
(d) They are told badly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did she come to this house instead?

2. Why does the narrator kill the deputy head of the orphanage?

3. In October's story, who first nicknames the boy Runt, and why?

4. In 'Strange Little Girls' in the story 'Raining Blood,' what two options are given to the reader?

5. What do the boys dare the narrator to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the writer in 'Forbidden Brides...' enjoy writing about Amelia making toast?

2. Why do you think the double bass allows him to play beautiful music this one time?

3. Describe the character of the detective in 'A Study in Emerald.'

4. In your opinion, what was Miss Finch's wish? Was it granted by the cabinet?

5. Why do you think the narrator gives up his old life, and why does he pretend to be the professor?

6. Why does Runt decide to go into the farmhouse at the end of October's story?

7. Describe the character of Mr. Alice.

8. Describe how the detective solves the mystery in 'A Study in Emerald.'

9. Is the playhouse evil or magical, or was it just the narrator's imagination?

10. Describe the steps that lead up to the narrator taking the professor's identity.

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