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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first story about?
(a) A little boy who is dared by some other boys to knock on the door of a strange playhouse. The playhouse traps the other boys and they are never seen again.
(b) A boy who plays a cello very badly, and one day manages to inexplicably play fantastic music on it, but breaks it the next day and can never play it properly again.
(c) A woman who falls in love with a man at an airport by looking at the x-ray of his luggage.
(d) A chef who changes a customer's order to suit the wine, but the customer ends up having an allergy to the food.

2. What does the narrator do when he finds the men who may have been his father?
(a) He gives them money.
(b) He kills them.
(c) He tests them.
(d) He drives them insane.

3. Whom does the narrator meet at a motel, and offer to give a ride to?
(a) An English Literature professor.
(b) An anthropology professor.
(c) A hitchhiker.
(d) A dentist.

4. What does June say before October's story begins?
(a) She would like to be in the chair next month.
(b) She doesn't like horror stories.
(c) She sometimes feels as if they are being watched.
(d) She thinks October should wait until last to tell his story.

5. In New Orleans, who does the narrator and another professor meet in a bar?
(a) The man whose identity the narrator has stolen.
(b) A zombie master, who spikes their drinks with zombie powder.
(c) Two identical women with different colored ribbons in their hair.
(d) A strange old woman who offers to tell their fortunes.

Short Answer Questions

1. After following the path away from the river, what does Runt come to?

2. In 'Strange Little Girls' in the story 'Raining Blood,' what two options are given to the reader?

3. When the writer does try writing fantasy, what is Amelia doing now?

4. What does the narrator do the next day?

5. Why does August stop the story before the storyteller can finish?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the character of Mr. Alice.

2. What do the characters in 'Strange Little Girls' have in common?

3. Why does the writer in 'Forbidden Brides...' enjoy writing about Amelia making toast?

4. Why does the narrator see a Haitian coffee girl at the end of the story?

5. What do you think the three older boys in the ghost story are?

6. Why does the poet cast aside all his possessions and his old life in the poem 'Going Wodwo'?

7. Why does Runt decide to go into the farmhouse at the end of October's story?

8. In the last story in 'Strange Little Girls,' two alternate stories are offered about a woman who lived during the war. Which one offers the happier ending?

9. Describe the character of Miss Finch.

10. In 'The Faery Reel,' what kind of place is fairyland?

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