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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his note, why did the killer say that he murdered the German Old One?
(a) The killer is an Old One who believes the Old Ones should not have relationships with humans.
(b) The Old Ones are evil and enjoy inflicting suffering.
(c) The Old Ones are weak and deserve to die.
(d) The Old Ones are planning to destroy mankind.

2. In 'October in the Chair,' who tells the first story?
(a) November.
(b) April.
(c) January.
(d) September.

3. In 'The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch' what are the professions of Jane, Jonathon, and the narrator?
(a) A housewife, an accountant, and a fantasy author.
(b) A circus performer, a ringmaster, and a fantasy author.
(c) An actress, a film producer, and a fantasy author.
(d) A journalist, a television presenter, and a fantasy author.

4. How did the narrator first meet the detective?
(a) They sat next to each other at the theatre.
(b) He was looking for somewhere to live.
(c) He met him in the army.
(d) The detective consulted him on a case.

5. What does June say before October's story begins?
(a) She sometimes feels as if they are being watched.
(b) She would like to be in the chair next month.
(c) She doesn't like horror stories.
(d) She thinks October should wait until last to tell his story.

6. What is scary about the playhouse door?
(a) It has an evil-looking red door knocker in the shape of an imp.
(b) It has a pentagram drawn on it.
(c) It has blood on it.
(d) It is made of old, rusty iron that looks very heavy.

7. What does Miss Finch do?
(a) She is a surgeon.
(b) She is a criminal defense lawyer.
(c) She is a biogeologist.
(d) She is a nuclear physicist.

8. Why does the narrator's passenger ask him to go back to the hotel?
(a) He is sick of his company.
(b) He forgot his wallet.
(c) He forgot his presentation notes for his paper.
(d) He accidentally brought his room key with him.

9. What is the third play in the trio that the detective takes the narrator to?
(a) A play about a vampire.
(b) A play celebrating the victory of the Old Ones over mankind.
(c) A play about the murder of an Old One.
(d) A play condemning the Old Ones as tyrants.

10. What happens the day after the narrator plays beautiful music on the instrument?
(a) He moves school, and the new school does not give lessons in that instrument.
(b) The instrument disappears.
(c) He falls and breaks the instrument.
(d) He gives up playing, as he knows he will never play like that again.

11. What do the boys dare the narrator to do?
(a) Go inside the playhouse.
(b) Burn the playhouse down.
(c) Look inside the window of the playhouse.
(d) Knock on the playhouse door.

12. What explanation does the detective give for the word 'Rache' being written on the wall at the crime scene?
(a) Rache is the name of a resistance group who fight the Old Ones.
(b) Rache means 'revenge' in German.
(c) Rache is the name of a particularly powerful Old One.
(d) The victim was trying to write the name of his killer - Rachel.

13. In October's story, who first nicknames the boy Runt, and why?
(a) His brothers name him Runt, because he is younger, smaller and weaker than them.
(b) His parents name him Runt, because he is their least favorite child.
(c) He names himself Runt, to show that he doesn't care what others say about him.
(d) His teacher names him Runt after a character from a book who was small and weak.

14. In 'Other People' what is the worst form of torture that the demon inflicts on the man?
(a) It makes him relive everything bad that he has ever done.
(b) It puts him in an iron maiden.
(c) It pulls his fingernails out.
(d) It forces him to watch the deaths of all the people he has ever loved.

15. What does the woman from the bar say happened to a young man in New Orleans?
(a) He got involved with bad men and was killed and tuned into a zombie.
(b) He was drugged with zombie powder and craved it until he became little more than a zombie himself.
(c) He fell in love with a voodoo priestess who cursed him and now uses him as a slave.
(d) He woke up one day to find that his identity had been stolen.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 'Strange Little Girls' what does the policewoman in 'Monday's Child' find at the school?

2. Who suggests that the young man should try writing fantasy instead?

3. Who are the other three men at the club on the night they tell each other ghost stories?

4. Why does the narrator not understand the jokes the other boys tell?

5. Who is in the car with Mr. Alice when he picks up the narrator at the station?

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