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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the Shahinai man after eight months?
(a) He begins to lose his good looks.
(b) He leaves Mr. Alice and they never find him again.
(c) He catches flu and dies.
(d) He is caught stealing and arrested.

2. What explanation does the detective give for the word 'Rache' being written on the wall at the crime scene?
(a) Rache is the name of a resistance group who fight the Old Ones.
(b) The victim was trying to write the name of his killer - Rachel.
(c) Rache means 'revenge' in German.
(d) Rache is the name of a particularly powerful Old One.

3. What is the name of the club in the story 'Closing Time'?
(a) The White Hart.
(b) The Sophocles.
(c) The Lion.
(d) The Diogenes.

4. What does the narrator talk to Miss Finch about in the refreshment room?
(a) Microbes and other harmful things that can be found in Sushi.
(b) The ethics of fish trawling.
(c) How terrible the circus is.
(d) Smilodons and other prehistoric creatures.

5. What does Amelia promise them in return for not killing her?
(a) A lock of her hair.
(b) The deeds to the house.
(c) Chocolate.
(d) Brides.

6. In 'Strange Little Girls' in the story 'Raining Blood,' what two options are given to the reader?
(a) to go through with her pregnancy or got an abortion.
(b) The subject of the story either married her baby's father or went to college and became a lawyer.
(c) The subject of the story was either killed by her boyfriend, or rescued by her father.
(d) The subject of the story either survived the war or was killed by the Gestapo.

7. In 'Other People' what is the worst form of torture that the demon inflicts on the man?
(a) It makes him relive everything bad that he has ever done.
(b) It pulls his fingernails out.
(c) It puts him in an iron maiden.
(d) It forces him to watch the deaths of all the people he has ever loved.

8. Who are the other three men at the club on the night they tell each other ghost stories?
(a) Sam (a drunk), Martyn (a plastic surgeon), and Ollie (a mechanic).
(b) Neil (a writer), Martyn (a drunk), and Daniel (who never told them his profession).
(c) Paul (a police inspector), Robert (a writer), and an unnamed old man.
(d) Paul (an actor), Martyn (a gaming magazine editor), and an unnamed old man.

9. What does the narrator do the next day?
(a) He presents the professor's paper.
(b) He goes in search of the woman from the bar.
(c) He digs up a grave in the graveyard and finds the body of his friend.
(d) He leaves New Orleans as quickly as he can.

10. What is scary about the playhouse door?
(a) It is made of old, rusty iron that looks very heavy.
(b) It has an evil-looking red door knocker in the shape of an imp.
(c) It has blood on it.
(d) It has a pentagram drawn on it.

11. What do they plan to do with Miss Finch?
(a) Go to a circus show, then out for sushi.
(b) Go shopping in London.
(c) Go to the cinema, then bowling.
(d) Go to a play, then out dancing.

12. Where does a woman from the bar take the narrator?
(a) To an abandoned house.
(b) To a bar for gumbo.
(c) Back to the hotel.
(d) To a graveyard.

13. What happens when the three older boys go inside?
(a) The door shuts behind them and they do not come out.
(b) The playhouse disappears, taking them with it.
(c) There is the sound of an evil laugh on the wind.
(d) The narrator runs away and never looks back.

14. Why does Runt think he will be ok when he runs away from home?
(a) He has read fairy stories and knows that there are good people as well as monsters out there.
(b) He thinks the police will protect him if anyone tries to hurt him.
(c) He knows it will not be long before he is found and brought home, but wants to make a point.
(d) He plans to go find distant relatives and stay with them.

15. In 'The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch' what are the professions of Jane, Jonathon, and the narrator?
(a) A housewife, an accountant, and a fantasy author.
(b) A circus performer, a ringmaster, and a fantasy author.
(c) A journalist, a television presenter, and a fantasy author.
(d) An actress, a film producer, and a fantasy author.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Inspector Lestrade visit them?

2. Why does the narrator's passenger ask him to go back to the hotel?

3. Why does August stop the story before the storyteller can finish?

4. After following the path away from the river, what does Runt come to?

5. When the narrator kills his grandfather, what does he take from the body?

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