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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sunbird, Inventing Aladdin, and The Monarch of the Glen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the narrator pulled out of the Matrix?
(a) To help stop the rebels.
(b) To pilot a space fighter ship.
(c) He is too aware of the machines' control.
(d) To help them understand the human mind.

2. In New Orleans, who does the narrator and another professor meet in a bar?
(a) A strange old woman who offers to tell their fortunes.
(b) The man whose identity the narrator has stolen.
(c) A zombie master, who spikes their drinks with zombie powder.
(d) Two identical women with different colored ribbons in their hair.

3. Why are the club members unsatisfied?
(a) It is illegal to eat human flesh, so they cannot try this.
(b) They have no new animals to eat because they have eaten every kind of creature.
(c) They have never found an animal they actually like the taste of.
(d) Their cook has left, and so they have no meal for this evening.

4. What does Shadow dream about?
(a) Re-uniting with his father, who is the god Odin.
(b) A monster that he is forced to kill himself.
(c) Jennie turning into a hulda and trying to kill him.
(d) Dead men on a ship of fingernails asking for his help.

5. Where does Harlequin find himself at the end of the story?
(a) On a cold lonely moor.
(b) At home in bed.
(c) On a beach.
(d) Working in the cafe.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 'Keepsakes and Treasures,' who admitted the narrator's mother into an insane asylum?

2. What does Zebediah T. Crawcrustle suggest they hunt and eat next?

3. How does Harlequin refer to Missy?

4. What do the party guests try to make Shadow do?

5. What now happens to Missy and Harlequin?

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