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Eliot Wigginton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the Rothell family get hot water?
(a) They heated it in the fireplace.
(b) Their stove had a water tank to provide hot water.
(c) They had hot and cold running water via their plumbing.
(d) They boiled it on the stove.

2. What did Jud Nelson's uncle do for a living?
(a) He was a piano teacher.
(b) He was a physician.
(c) He was a deputy sheriff.
(d) He was a blacksmith, a fiddle player, and a wood carver.

3. What kind of mill did D. B. Dayton's grandfather own?
(a) A paper mill.
(b) A sawmill.
(c) A syrup mill.
(d) A gristmill.

4. According to the tale Ada Crone told Carol Ramey, what haunted the Roane graveyard and followed people around there?
(a) A light.
(b) A ghost sheep.
(c) A ghost dog.
(d) A ghost child.

5. What did Jud begin working on in 1934?
(a) Wagons.
(b) Houses.
(c) Boats.
(d) Tractors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of work did Jud do in the military?

2. How did the Foxfire organization document the rebuilding of the house?

3. According to Ruth Holcomb, how long did people in her youth think it would take a person to go mad after being bitten by a rabid dog?

4. From what material did D. B. Dayton and his family make clotheslines on which to hang their hand washed clothing during D. B.'s childhood?

5. From which U.S. president did Henry Harrison Mayes solicit assistance in getting the highway department to allow him to place his signs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of work did D. B. Dayton do for the WPA during the Depression?

2. What two things could Jud Nelson's Uncle John do particularly well as a blacksmith?

3. What tales arose over the years about panthers in the wild of the Appalachian mountains and how did dogs and horses help mountaineers escape panther attacks?

4. What happened to D. B. Dayton's mother to cripple her?

5. What changes did the Rothell family make to the upstairs of their home during Mitch Anderson's youth and why did they make those changes?

6. How did the Foxfire organization get the Rothell cabin from its original location to Mountain City and why did the organization not complete its restoration of the cabin?

7. How did a call to preach help Charles Phillips learn to read?

8. What object was left at Charles Phillips' funeral and how did that object help commemorate Phillips' ministry?

9. Why did Henry Harrison Mayes once attend a strip show and what consequences arose because of his going to the show?

10. What role did the Rothell house have in the lives of local teachers?

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