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Eliot Wigginton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How were the topics to be featured in the new series of books from Foxfire Press determined?
(a) By distributing a questionnaire to the magazine subscribers.
(b) By letting the people interviewed vote on the topics.
(c) By picking topics at random.
(d) By running a contest on the Internet.

2. In what year was Flora Youngblood born?
(a) 1910.
(b) 1890.
(c) 1920.
(d) 1906.

3. What award was won by the first book Foxfire Press published?
(a) A Nebula.
(b) A Christopher award.
(c) A Pulitzer Prize.
(d) A Caldecott Medal.

4. Which of the following was not a stitch Aunt Arie Carpenter used in making her quilts?
(a) Chevron stitch.
(b) Multiple feather stitch.
(c) Princess stitch.
(d) Herringbone stitch.

5. What was the last Foxfire book to be published under the contract with the New York Publisher?
(a) Foxfire 10.
(b) Foxfire 9.
(c) Foxfire 15.
(d) Foxfire 20.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which traditional quilt pattern was composed entirely of hexagons?

2. For what potentially fatal disease did Dr. Brabson develop a cure?

3. Who wrote the articles in the Foxfire series?

4. Where was Nola Campbell born?

5. What was another name for the churn dash quilt pattern?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was a crazy quilt?

2. Why did Roy Roberts build a kiln and how did the business that resulted from the building of his kiln fare?

3. What troubles did Irish Bill Moore have with roughriders after the Civil War?

4. In what way was quilting a social event for mountain women?

5. What reasons did Elliot Wigginton give in the Introduction for bringing the Foxfire series to an end with Foxfire 9?

6. How have fictional stories treated foxfire and other glowing plants?

7. Explain what foxfire is and what makes it glow.

8. From whom did Nola Campbell learn to make pottery?

9. What domestic tasks did Flora Youngblood learn to do from her mother?

10. What were some of the Indian superstitions Nola Campbell encountered on the Catawba reservation?

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