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Eliot Wigginton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Nola Campbell - Catawba Indian Potter.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the depression, which of the following was not a way the customers of Ed and Martha Roane could pay off their debt to the general store?
(a) Working in the sawmill or gristmill.
(b) Weaving cloth.
(c) Helping with the cattle.
(d) Working the farm or tending the gardens.

2. What oral history play was published by Foxfire Press?
(a) Cabbagetown, Three Women.
(b) Mountaineers Majestic.
(c) The Story of David.
(d) Georgia's Finest Family.

3. How did Flora's family get their clothing?
(a) Their mother bought it at the general store.
(b) Her father bought it from a catalog.
(c) They got hand me downs from relatives.
(d) Her mother sewed it.

4. What office did Nola Campbell's father have in the church?
(a) He taught Sunday school.
(b) He was the pastor.
(c) He was the choir director.
(d) He was a deacon.

5. When was the general store operated by Patton D. Queen opened?
(a) In the early 1900s.
(b) In the 1800s.
(c) In the 1700s.
(d) In the 1950s.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the second book published by Foxfire Press?

2. What did Edith Cannon's mother use as a backing for her quilts?

3. What was another name for the churn dash quilt pattern?

4. When Foxfire 9 was published, how many years had the Foxfire organization been in the Rabun County schools?

5. What information did quilters traditionally embroider on their quilt squares when making a friendship quilt?

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