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Eliot Wigginton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What method of beating the clay does Chester Wilson prefer?
(a) Hand mixing.
(b) A pug mill.
(c) A water-powered milll.
(d) A hammer mill.

2. What is the only ingredient that Louis Brown has to add to his clay?
(a) Lavender.
(b) Water.
(c) Lye.
(d) Lanolin.

3. How long has cockfighting been in existence in the world?
(a) Since ancient times.
(b) Since the Civil War.
(c) Since the Revolutionary War.
(d) Since Elizabethean times.

4. Why don't the Wilsons glaze much of their pottery?
(a) They prefer unglazed pottery's natural beauty.
(b) They sell their wares to a place that glazes & resells it.
(c) They are allergic to many glazes.
(d) It's more costly to glaze and there's less demand for it.

5. Of what does the water powered mill Burlon Craig uses to break down bottles to get pulverized glass for his glazes consist?
(a) A wooden box with a metal bar on one end.
(b) A large wooden pole and a wooden box.
(c) A large saw blade and a small metal box.
(d) A metal box with a hammer on one end.

6. For what time consuming pottery is Burlon Craig also known?
(a) Face jugs.
(b) Coffee mugs.
(c) Churns.
(d) Casseroles.

7. Why are fighting chickens allowed to peck at each other while still held by their handlers?
(a) To let the audience see their fighting desire before betting.
(b) They will kill each other too soon if released.
(c) To get them angry.
(d) To start the fight slowly and build intensity for entertainment.

8. How does Burlon Craig's wife help with the family pottery business?
(a) She paints flowers on the pottery and is the accountant.
(b) She turns pots along with Burlon Craig.
(c) She makes the majority of the pottery.
(d) She handles all sales and marketing.

9. Why did Foxfire want to interview Burlon Craig?
(a) He invented a new type of kiln.
(b) He uses a water powered glass mill to grind glass for glazes.
(c) He is the oldest living potter.
(d) He is the country's most famous folk potter.

10. How does Joe Farmer keep his roosters apart as they grow and begin to fight with each other?
(a) He uses his dogs to break them up.
(b) He houses all of his roosters in individual cages.
(c) He pours cold water on fighting birds.
(d) He takes one of the two roosters into his house until it calms.

11. From whom did Monteen Wilson learn pottery?
(a) Her mother, Carrie Skelton.
(b) Her father, Loy Skelton.
(c) Her husband, Hallie Wilson.
(d) She taught herself.

12. What are fighting birds fed?
(a) Proteins, grains, and greens.
(b) Oats and sunflower seeds.
(c) Growth hormones and corn.
(d) Steak.

13. What kind of glaze does Norman Smith use on the majority of his pottery?
(a) Shanghai glaze.
(b) Most of it is unglazed.
(c) Macedonian glaze.
(d) Alpine slip.

14. What kind of mill does Norman Smith use to mix his clay?
(a) A pug mill.
(b) A Cantonese mill.
(c) A glass mill.
(d) A Macedonian mill.

15. For what type of pottery does the Brown family use molds?
(a) Coffee mugs.
(b) Face jugs.
(c) Chicken roasters.
(d) Syrup jars.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a chicken breed?

2. What product did the Brown family start making during the Depression?

3. For what type of pottery is Burlon Craig best known?

4. Where do chickens fight?

5. What does Norman Smith think is the cause of his ill health?

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