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Eliot Wigginton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Southern Folk Pottery: Burlon and Irene Craig - Norman and Irene Smith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What benefit did Cheever Meaders derive from making his favorite types of pottery?
(a) He could make them more quickly than other pieces.
(b) His wife could assist him in making them.
(c) His children helped him glaze these pieces.
(d) He earned more from the larger pieces.

2. What is the status of the railroad depot in Mountain City today?
(a) It no longer exists.
(b) It expanded in size and contains a mini-mall.
(c) It has been preserved as a historic building.
(d) It was damaged in a tornado and is being repaired.

3. Who is the founder of the Foxfire organization?
(a) Anna Tut.
(b) Jimmy Carter.
(c) Cheever Meaders.
(d) Eliot Wigginton.

4. What was the educational level of Viola Lenoir's mother?
(a) 5th grade.
(b) 8th grade.
(c) 9th grade.
(d) College graduate.

5. What injustices did Harvey Penland see whites commit against blacks?
(a) Burning of crosses on black property by the KKK.
(b) The taking of black-owned land by white government.
(c) Beatings of slaves.
(d) Lynchings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What now runs the Smith pug mill?

2. What was the Tutt family supposed to put on their cotton plants to kill boll weevils?

3. What is Arie Meaders' educational level?

4. In what year was Bruce Mosley born?

5. What powered the tool that Cheever Meaders used to break apart his lumps of clay and mix them into a smooth, even consistency?

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