Objects & Places from Foxfire 8

Eliot Wigginton
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This is the idea that blacks and whites should be separated in all things, due to the supposed inferior status of the black race.

Alkaline Glaze

This item, used in pottery making consists of high fire ash, such as lye ash, clay, water, and sometimes lime.

Face Jug

This object, used in the past for religious purposes and burials, now serves as highly prized sculpture.

Rectangular Kiln

This object, used in pottery making can be enclosed in earth to improve insulation.

Pug Mill

Potters place their clay in this object to be ground up and smoothed.

Iron Lifter

This tool is used to transfer finished pieces from the potter's wheel to the drying shelf.

Albany Slip

This item used in pottery making is commercially produced.

Monkey Jug

This item has two separate compartments and two handles and was originally used to keep both whiskey and a mixer...

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