Foxfire 8 Character Descriptions

Eliot Wigginton
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Eliot Wigginton

This person is the editor of the "Foxfire" series and one of the primary people in the Mountain City project.

Anna Tutt

This lovable and highly energetic person was interviewed for the section on the lives of blacks in the Appalachians. Her stories about life on a farm and over the last several decades help show readers how far the black race has come since the character's childhood.

Bruce Mosley

This person was raised by a grandmother who told stories of slavery.

Harley Penland

This person is eighty-three years old with failing eyesight and difficulty moving freely. He blames whites for the movement of blacks from the area due to loss of land and loss of freedom.

Carrie Stewart

This person is 103 years old, but appears much younger and can recall a grandmother's ability to sew.

Viola Lenoir

This African-American person's family was nearly starving when...

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