Foxfire 8 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eliot Wigginton
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Chapter Abstracts

* The Foxfire collection covers topics ranging from pottery to cockfighting, and includes interviews with local residents, as well as pictures and how-to collections.

* Eliot Wigginton, founder of the Foxfire project, begins the Introduction of "Foxfire 8" by explaining the charm of small town life.

* Most of the Foxfire staff teaches at the Rabun County High School.

* On the mountainside immediately behind the town of Mountain City, Georgia, the Foxfire staff reconstruct the old log buildings that make up the Foxfire staff housing, office and storage complex.

* In the early 1900's, Mountain City contained a railroad depot, a gristmill, a tavern, a café, churches, a school, hotels, a gazebo and a stone water fountain.

* Today, Mountain City contains two small grocery stores, three gas stations, a mobile home sales lot, a summer gift shop, a post office, a pants factory, churches and a square dance hall.

* The current population...

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