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Short Answer Questions

1. What season is it in when Sissie is on the island?

2. What quality about her father does Sissie dislike?

3. What do Sissie's parents bicker about in the first summer?

4. How does Sissie describe Jerry's shoes?

5. What does Sissie do after seeing a character vomiting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe one piece of foreshadowing that occurs in Sissie's second summer of narration.

2. How does Sissie's mother's appearance make her angry?

3. What does Sissie claim anchors her to the earth?

4. Describe the family dynamic in Sissie's household.

5. What role does the class structure play in "Four Summers"?

6. Why does Sissie call her encounter with the mysterious man a "game"?

7. How does Sissie view her father in Part 2? How does this compare to Jerry's view of their father?

8. Choose one literary device used in Part 2 and explain how it is used.

9. What foreshadowing is present in the first part of the story, and what is foreshadowed?

10. In what way does the diction change between the first summer and second summer?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who or what is the protagonist in "Four Summers"? Why? Who or what is the antagonist in "Four Summers" and how does the reader know this? What role do both the protagonist and antagonist play in the story?

Essay Topic 2

Would you consider distrust to be a theme in the book? Who is Sissie distrustful of? Why?

Essay Topic 3

What role does the idea of image versus reality play in the book? What does Sissie imagine the world to be? In truth, how does the world differ? How does this affect Sissie's life?

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