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Objective: Part 1 Sissie is the narrator of the story, and in the first part of the story, she is a young child. The reader sees the world from Sissie's perspective. This lesson will explore Sissie as a character and analyze her voice as a narrator.

1. Class discussion - How would you define Sissie's style of narration? What is simple about it? What is complex about it? Describe Sissie as a character. Is she easy for a reader to relate to? Why or why not?

2. Reading group discussion - Is there any bias in Sissie's narration? Why or why not? Is Sissie a reliable narrator? Why or why not? What does this mean for the story?

3. Group assignment - In a group, find three quotes that define Sissie as either a character or a narrator. What quotes describe her, either physically or emotionally?

4. Homework - Make two judgments...

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