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Part 1

• Sissie is a young child and the narrator of the story.

• Sissie plays a game with her mother, who she adores, at an outdoor lake party.

• Sissie's brothers bother her father, who is drinking alcohol, about going in the boat on the lake.

• Sissie's father ignores the children.

• Children begin throwing stones at a bird stuck in the water, at which Sissie is horrified.

Part 2

• Time has passed since Part I, and now Sissie is waiting with her brother Jerry for their father by a boathouse.

• Sissie's father is obviously an alcoholic at this point.

• Jerry claims that he hates his father and wishes he were dead.

• Sissie's father takes the children to an island that is littered with napkins and beer cans.

• Jerry and Sissie explore the island until they witness their dad vomiting into the water.

• This makes them scared and they run away from...

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