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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Stephanie call for help?
(a) Joe Morelli
(b) Grandma Mazur
(c) Lula
(d) Ranger

2. How could Stephanie tell Morelli had just got home?
(a) He was still in the shower
(b) He always brewed coffee when he got home and there was a fresh pot
(c) The hood of his truck was still warm
(d) He would usually have a beer and the house smelled of it

3. What was loving Morelli comparable to?
(a) Loving brownies
(b) Loving cheesecake
(c) Loving candy
(d) Loving chocolate

4. What western character does Stephanie ask Morelli if she looks like?
(a) Clint Eastwood
(b) Billy the Kidd
(c) Hopalong Cassidy
(d) Calamity Jane

5. What does Stephanie's father ask her?
(a) How the Buick is running
(b) How far along she is
(c) When their wedding date is
(d) How long Morelli and her have been an item

6. What did Stephanie's friend request for the information?
(a) A detailed account of the case
(b) A detailed description of Morelli's body sans clothes
(c) A detailed description of Morelli's manhood
(d) A detailed description of Morelli in bed

7. Who did Stephanie realize that Sugar was?
(a) A supermodel
(b) Maxine Norwicki
(c) A genius
(d) The woman that threatened her in the bar

8. What does Morelli call Stephanie?
(a) A walking disaster
(b) A horrible person
(c) A selfish woman
(d) A brave woman

9. How does Stephanie get into Eddie's house?
(a) She breaks the window
(b) She opens the window
(c) She breaks down the door
(d) She picks the lock

10. What pet name did Morelli give Stephanie?
(a) Muffin
(b) Sweetpea
(c) Cupcake
(d) Kitten

11. Who never admitted to being scared?
(a) Lula
(b) Sally
(c) Stephanie
(d) Joyce

12. What was the one word written on the card that was handed to Sally by the bartender?
(a) Slut
(b) Jerk
(c) Backstabber
(d) Traitor

13. What two words did Joe use to describe Stephanie and his relationship?
(a) Best friends
(b) Close friends
(c) Good friends
(d) Intimate lovers

14. What did Sally need from Stephanie?
(a) Help with makeup
(b) Help doing
(c) Relationship advice
(d) Friendship advice

15. What is Sally thinking of changing his image to?
(a) Slutty
(b) An actual man
(c) Whorish
(d) Wholesome

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of bike did Morelli have?

2. What was Stephanie's mother preparing for dessert?

3. What did Margie bring home?

4. What kind of alcohol does Morelli suggest?

5. What has the Morelli family begun planning for Stephanie?

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