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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the message on Stephanie's door?
(a) I hate you! And I'll get even!
(b) You are the slime of humanity and I hate you!
(c) I'm coming for you missy
(d) I'll get you for this, and your hamster too!

2. What did Stephanie use against Kenny?
(a) Defense spray
(b) Hairspray
(c) Self defense
(d) Martial Arts

3. What is living in Trenton in July comparable to?
(a) A skillet
(b) A bakers oven
(c) A pizza oven
(d) The arctic tundra

4. Who was delivering flowers to Stephanie's apartment?
(a) Joe Morelli
(b) Maxine Nowicki
(c) Eddie Kuntz
(d) Sally Sweet

5. What does Maxine do to Stephanie?
(a) Threatens Joe Morelli
(b) Kills Rex
(c) Handcuffs her to the fridge
(d) Gives her a black eye

Short Answer Questions

1. What finger did Margie accidentally cut off?

2. What does Sally drive?

3. How did Stephanie see Joe Morelli?

4. What does FMP stand for?

5. Who found Stephanie snooping outside Eddie's place?

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