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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Stephanie call the Buick?
(a) A squashed BMW
(b) A Porsche on steroids
(c) A cheap ferrari
(d) A boat

2. What does Eddie try to do?
(a) Follow her home
(b) Feel Stephanie up
(c) Continue his "date" with Stephanie
(d) Kiss Stephanie goodbye

3. What wig did Stephanie end up borrowing?
(a) An Orphan Annie wig
(b) An Elvira wig
(c) A Farrah Fawcet wig
(d) A Marylin Monroe wig

4. What does Lula do to Joyce's tire?
(a) Kicks it
(b) Slashes it
(c) Shoots it out
(d) Fixes it

5. Who kept popping up in Stephanie's mind?
(a) Joe Morelli
(b) Sally Sweet
(c) Eddie Kuntz
(d) Terry Gilman

Short Answer Questions

1. What finger did Margie accidentally cut off?

2. What caliber is Stephanie's gun?

3. How much was Ranger's car worth?

4. Who scares Stephanie more then Morelli's mother?

5. What had Maxine been wearing?

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