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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who kept popping up in Stephanie's mind?
(a) Sally Sweet
(b) Terry Gilman
(c) Joe Morelli
(d) Eddie Kuntz

2. How many blank messages did Stephanie have on her message machine when she got home?
(a) Two
(b) Four
(c) Three
(d) Eight

3. Which celebrity does Lula mention?
(a) Clooney
(b) Travolta
(c) Pitt
(d) Cruise

4. What kind of ice cream does Stephanie have?
(a) Vanilla
(b) Raspberry Popsicles
(c) Chocolate cherry chunk
(d) Fudgesicles

5. What did Morelli see Stephanie in that made him unable to resist her?
(a) A towel
(b) Her nightie
(c) Her panties
(d) Nothing

Short Answer Questions

1. How many other people came in following Maxine?

2. What does Morelli call Stephanie?

3. What does Lula do to Joyce's tire?

4. What does Lula say she will need to blend in at the beach?

5. How many people in total were now in the room?

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